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Is this same same "Butt"?

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At the local meat counter, they have "Pork Shoulder Butt Blade Roast".

Is this the same "Butt" you all speak of?

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I am almost sure that it is. Look at some of the "nice butts" among the threads in this forum and compare them to what is being offered at your market.

"Blade" in the description refers to a bone in piece of meat. It is possible that what is being sold is cut more narrowly than the traditionally used "Boston Butt".
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I see them labeled that way sometimes too. Go ahead and get it, you have some fine pulled pork.
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Precisely. Butt is a bit of a mis-nomer as the cut of meat actually does come from the shoulder. They sell them boneless also but I prefer them bone in as it makes a perfect natural thermometer. When the bone slides out nice and easy with no meat attached..... it is done!
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Awesome. Thanks all!

Sunday, I go "Hog Wild" with my first butt!

I know this is like asking "Whats the best motor oil", but does anyone have a decent rub recipe that isn't too hot? I love it spicy, but the wife/kids can't take the heat.

On a side note, SPAM is made from "Pork Shoulder & Ham". Anyone ever tried to smoke one? tongue.gif
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I like Jeff's Magic Rib Rub for pulled pork. You can get the recipe by signing up for the 5 day e-course. I've been away awhile so I'm assuming it's still available.

SPAM has been smoked by folks on this forum in more ways than you could imagine!
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I went ahead and dropped the cash for Jeff's recipe. I want it to be great!

Besides...It's a small price to pay for all the questions I'm gonna bug y'all with in the future. biggrin.gif
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Like most everyone said it sounds like you have a butt there planet. As far as a rub jeff's I hear is really good I have found a store bought thats really good to me. It's Old Bay the seafood seasonings but it for meat. There's a whole section here about rubs and sauces on the front page.
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