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What is your best way to re-heat PP quickly

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The way I thaw and re-heat my PP is in a slow cooker on the lowest temp.
I add a finishing sauce for additional liquid.

Is there any suggestions using a micro-wave, ziplock boil bags, etc. that does well without degrading texture or flavor.

Sometimes I just want a quick sammie and hate the clean up of the cooker,
and the micro wave, even on low seems to dry it out and cook it instead of heat it.


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I use my foodsaver to freeze Pulled Pork. Come time to thaw and heat, I take the food saver bag, and place it in a pot of water and bring to a boil. I turn off the heat, and let it sit in there until warmed through. Slice the bag open, and IT'S GO TIME!
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I actually like the method of dropping the bags into simmering water.
All my extra pp I vacuum seal, then when ready to reheat I just drop into a pot of simmering water.
Usually takes 10-15 minutes, empty out the bag, hit with a little finishing sauce and good to go. Just as good as the day it was smoked and pulled.

*BBQ Engineer beat me to it. But yes, I think that is the way to go. Great minds...
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I thaw in micro and then zap it for a minute or so.
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If I'm freezing it for lunches the coming week, I'll put it in small Glad plastic containers with the snap-tye or screw-type lids.

When I want to heat and eat, add a couple tablespoons of water and microwave them. They come out moist and piping hot.
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I use this method as well tatse just like it was freshly made
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I've got to go with the food saver vacuum. One of my favorite gadgets. I put half pound to 1 pound vacuumed bags of pulled pork, pulled beef, strami, bacon... you name it. I've micro waved them on defrost until hot and I've put them in boiling water. Turn out great everytime. I had some ribs this week that I put in the freezer back in May and I swear they were better than when I smoked them.
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