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That's it...I'm moving in. Get my room ready.

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Wow....Wow...Wow. That looks fantastic!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I tried it ...
I liked it !!!
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points.gifthats all i can say
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That looks so good! I want to try it too.
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I know you did another thread this weekend but this is the one I used for my own and all I can say is...

That was fantastic! I followed your post pretty much verbatim but omitted the basil (we were out of it). We also created our own pepper relish which isn't the traditional italian beef that I am used to from the Chicago area but it was none the less incredible. Thanks for the info and inspiration. biggrin.gif
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Glad you gave it a try and like it solar and plj.
One of my favorite dishes to smoke. Now all I need to do is imcorporate some chipotle into the dish and I'll be all set icon_cool.gif
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doooode!!! that IS some awesome color to that chuckie!!! and you know the right cheese for them sammies!! provolone my fav as well. points to you man!!!points.gif
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Never did a chuckie, I will now! Great pics!
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