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1st Brisket in GSOM ?

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Hello all, Did my first Brisket in my small GOSM yesterday. The Brisket was 13 lbs. since it was too big I separated the Point and Flat to fit. I rubbed it the day before and put it in the smoker at about 6:30am at 225 to 235 deg. foiled at 170 deg. took out at 200 deg.(about 6pm). I put it in a cooler for a hour and when I went to pull the point it wouldn't pull. It had a rubbery texture and was tough. The flat was a little better when I sliced it but was still tough. So my question is does separating the point and flat have any effect on it? Or maybe a bad piece of meat? I have always cooked the hole Brisket with my Masterbuilt at home and they have always been great.

On another note the views are beautiful here in CO. and it was a great day to sit around and smoke.Thanks, Jason.
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Well it looked great Jason, was the taste good?
My only guess on it being tougher than expected is that maybe you should have brought it up that final 5 degrees to 205 instead of 200.
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It sure looks good.

A dumb question, you say you are in Colorado, where do you normally live and is there a big altitude difference between where you are and where you live?

That could explain differences smoking times and temps. Colorado would be high altitude so I know there would be a difference in air pressure.
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I found this on High Altitude cooking hope it will be of some help...
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I'm with beer and think it might be the attiude. Your smoke looks good and I smoke in a Gosm myself and I haven't had a problem with the meat being tough. The fact that you seperated the flat from the point should not have a beiring on toughness of the meat. Maybe you just got a tough hunk of meat. I have had that before specialy with pork loins.
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Altitude for sure! My dad lives in Montana and there is noticeable difference in grilling and smoking times. I did a great job of ruining some chicken and some jerky the last time I was there. Great part about smoking is you can always try again...yummmmm
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Thanks for all the replies. I'm in CO. Springs at 6000 or 7000 ft and I used the same time and temp I use at home in Vegas, never thought about altitude. A couple weeks ago I smoked some pork butts in Breckenridge Co. At about 10,000 ft. And they turned out great but I smoked them a little hotter I think about 250 265ish. So maybe I need to cook a little hotter and longer? So let's say it is the altitude and not my cooking. I will be in Austin TX in a few days and maybe I will try again soon to see if that makes a differance. Thanks again, Jason.
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I also agree on the real internal temp varying based on altitude.
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