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Fat added

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I am getting ready to try making some more sausage and wanted to ask if I use bone in butts do I need to add any extra fat? It seems the last batch I made may have been a little on the dry side or maybe I cooked the samples a little to long, anyway I made Italian and breakfast, this was the batch I had to toss the next day because of the fridge locking up. I may be so used to store bought sausage that I like to much fat is that possible?

Will a butcher give or sale me some extra pork and or beef fat if I ask?
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i do it all the time. try adding 10-20% pork fat based on the amount of meat in lbs. i know some people add 20-35% and more. i just find fairly fatty pork butts, and pork fat to that. does me well. most butchers sell pork fat, and it's veeeeery inexpensive.
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You can get pork trimmings from a butcher that is around 50/50 fat/pork. For most recipes, I'd use 4 to 4 1/2 lbs of butt and 1/2 to 1lb of the trimmings for a 5 lb batch. How much I would use would depend upon how big of a fat cap the butt has on it.
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I don't use Pork Butt.... I use Pork Trim instead.... It is approx. 70% fat and 30% meat.

Here is a pic. of my sausage with pork trim....

I would give it a try and see how you like the results on a small batch and then go from there.

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I use the pork trim also. Only use the pork fat if I am using venison.
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Interesting. There is a local packer where I can by 50/50 or 80/20 beef trimmings for a really low price, but I have to buy a 70 lb box. I'll have to see if they have 70/30 pork trimmings.
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my best ring bolonga is a 70/30 mixture with the 30 being made up of half pork and half pork fat. I also cut the binder in half from most recipes. The binder will also make it taste dry. Fat is the key to making it juicy.
Good luck

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Ok well I bought 4 butts @ .89lb, approximately 10 lbs ea and trimmed up two completely then took the other two and trimmed down to 3 lbs ea. These two I made into buckboard bacon and cut up the rest of these for sausage. Wound up with 17.5 lbs of lean meat and 10.5 fat of course this is not 100% fat or lean rather a bit of each in each.

I could not get any extra fat trimmings from the two butchers I talked with, unless I pre ordered it so I proceeded with what I had thinking the two butts I trimmed for bacon would add about all the extra fat I will need, at least that is what I am hoping for.

My next question would be, should I emulsify the fat with my blender before adding it to the mix or should I grind it with my smallest plate which is 3/16 and then add it to the lean meat or just go for it all after mixing in everything? I only have two plates at this time the 3/16 and 3/8.

I will be making breakfast sausage, Italian sausage and I may hold out two or three lbs to try something else with. And now I also have 4 meaty pork butt bones for other things down the road. Got to say I have a lot more respect for the butcher that does this all day
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I grind all my meat and fat for most all of my sausage thru a 1/4" plate
when I make summer sausage or salami I grind the fat thru 3/8" and meat thru 1/4" I like the little fat pieces in my salami to be visible.
I think its really just a mater of prefference.
here's a pic of my jap and cheddar summer sausage

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grind the fat and met through the same 1/4 plate.
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