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Boneless leg of lamb with q-view

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Ok this is my first leg of lamb smoke if it comes out half as good as it looks with the rub i will be happy.
I rubbed it with grill mates sweet and smokey grill rub and i am smoking it with some cherry wood.Here it is rubbed down.

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Lookin good. Keep the Q VIEW coming.
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Looks good there, looking forward to the qview when its done...
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well here it is smoking along with some wicked beans minus the dutchs recipie minus the peppers and dry mustard

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Looks like it is off to a tasty start.
Did Dutch's beans for a family cook out a little while back and since there were kids and my wuss sister who can't take any heat I chopped up and added a no heat jalapeno. All the flavor and aroma but zero heat.
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I wanted the heat but the wife is a wuss plus my 7 yr old i will make a small batch with heat for myself in the near future
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So far so good. Everything sound really good so I'm keeping a close eye on this one cause I just found a whole leg of lamb and I'm thinking of smoking it this weekend.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Hey Dude,
The legs of lamb here are averaging about $46-50.00 per. I love lamb, but at $6.99 a pound bulk-well, I like the cheaper cuts, like the shoulder for $.99 a pound. Of course, one can only eat so much pork. The problem I have is there are only the two of us, and only does not like much beyod cottage cheese and something. I might give it away to the mission.
I hope you have many people to share your bounty
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Lamb is a great tasting meat and yours looks real good so far. Looking forward to the finished view!
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