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pork loin cooking time

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I'm thinking of rubbing down a 9lb pork loin and throwing it in the smoker Saturday for dinner. I have never done a loin before. I want to get the internal temp to 165. I normally smoke my butts at 230-240 and they get to 165 in 10 hours and to 195 in 23 hours. I'm estimating 7-8 hours on the loin. Do any of you have an estimate on how long it will take to get to 165 and is that the correct temp to pull if I want to slice it like a chop?
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I have never done a whole loin. I go ahead and make my chop cuts and put a rub on each one individually. Then I smoke to 145° You can cut them with a fork. This way is much faster and I feel each cut has a bit more smoke flavor.
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I'll agree with eric. No more that 145 to 150º internal, then wrap in heavy foil for thirty minutes. Slice and serve. 165º is too high for a pork loin. It'll be too dry.
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For me, the loin was the hardest one to get right. I finally found that if you cook it faster at a little higher temp ~300*, it gets done a whole lot easier and better. It does not have a lot of fat to help it on the long, slow cooks so that is why it dries out so easily. Definitely stick with the 155* internal temp. Also, I usually give it a rub of olive oil before the dry rub (Rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper work great) and it goes great. One of my favorites.

Let us know how it goes.
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I'm with ^^^^^^them guys
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pork loin

Ev1 has got some good advice here . Don't take a loin over 150 b4 foiling.
Now my tip of the day is: Put a coat on the loin. Wrap it w bacon after seasoning . Then smoke to 145 / 150 then foil an let sit for at least 30 min.
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Thanks everyone. How fast do you think it will cook at around 250?
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I'm with most of the others... Rub with Some OO then dry rub and smoke till 145-155.
My mother insists on the Loin being 165 so when I go that high I wrap in think cut bacon and it always comes out good.
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I did a half of the loin a few months ago. The half took about 3.5 hours. Here's the thread:
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I did one recently using indirect heat instead of the SFB on my CG. Used some hickory chips in a foil pouch. Cooking temp was probably 300+. I did EVOO & a light dusting of salt, lemon pepper & creole seasoning. Laid out several strips of bacon, rolled it up & secured it with toothpicks. Took it to about 158, pulled & wrapped in foil. It was pretty darn good.
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I'm gonna say if your cooking at 225 - 250 and going to 150 your lookin at between 3 and 4 hours. Watch it close though... they are really fast to dry out if you let them smoke too long. I'd be checkin temps after 2.5 hours. I always try and pull mine at 150 and wrap it to let it rest.
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