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Smoke Ribs in a pan?

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My buddy smokes all his ribs in disposable aluminum pans to eliminate the mess and has suggested I do the same.

Is this a good idea? It seems to me that the smoke wouldn't penetrate the meat as well and they would be sitting in drippings/fat/etc.
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I would smoke them on the rack and if you want place a pan under the rack to catch any drippings, that way the smoke can get to all sides of the ribs and they are not sitting in liquid...
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I'm with Paul place the pan under them however if doing 3-2-1 on multiple racks sometimes I will place them in an aluminum foil pan and cover with foil for the foiled portion of the smoke
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What he daid, you will get the smoke flavor/taste.
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What they all said on the grates for the best smoke flavor and put a pan under for drippings. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I agree put the pan underneath. But if you also want to have any easy clean up just line the bottom of your smoker with foil (Costco roll biggrin.gif). That's what I do... once the smoker cools I just fold all the foil to the middle roll it up and into the garbage. Usually have to take a couple of paper towels and wipe any dripps that found a hole in the foil.
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Pork ribs on the grate, but at times Beef Ribs can go in a pan. Leave alittle mojo crillio in the pan and pour over the ribs as they smoke. Excellent. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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