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Stove gasket around door won't stick?

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I went and purchased 5/8" stove gasket with this black cement. I tried fastening it to the side of my chamber and couldn't get it to hold. I added pressure and let it sit for over an hour and then heated it up. Still comes off. Any suggestions on how to secure this better?
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You need to pick up a tube of high temp gasket sealer (the red stuff) from an auto parts supplier. I used it with 5/8 stove gasket on my Char griller and it's still holding well.
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Thanks! Do you think a fire caulk would work too? I have access to it here at work?
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Is it an adhesive or just a caulk? VHT Silicone is a gasket sealer adhesive.
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Not sure? Just went to Advanced Auto and got the High Temp. Gasket Sealer. Hopefully, that will keep the gasket in place.
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It should work just fine...
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yea i think the red stuff is good for 2k° and shoud work fine
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When I have applied the rope gaskets or 5/8" tape gaskets, I have used the rutland stove gasket cement pictured here:

The trouble is, I have had a couple of tubes that must have been old or something and wouldn't adhere properly. They recently changed the tube that the stuff comes in, and I haven't had a problem since then...that is if I make sure that I buy fresh stuff to start with. Don't buy extra of this stuff and let it sit around, because IMHO it does not have a long shelf life.
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Where would i find some of that stove gasket material pictured above? Thanks in advance all.
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Here are several links to online stores,

I would probably go with Ace Hardware myself as they are a known company...
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I bought some at Home Depot recently
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I finally got my stove gasket on last night. In my opinion, the black cement gasket caulk that is pictured below is crap. That stuff wouldn't adhere at all. I agree, I think the shelf live of it is very quick. I went to Ace and purchased the 3/8 stove gasket ($.79ft). I went to Advanced Auto and purchased a tube of High Temp. Gasket Sealer (The red one) for $6. It stuck like a charm and the seal is perfect. I used clamps to hold together for about an hour. Check out this video I found on youtube yesterday, pretty interesting mods. to the CG; Second video.
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I used rivets but I don't recommend using gasket. Instead use metal. Like this.
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