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So I Tried Beer Can Chicken For The First Time This Weekend. Thanks To The Other Posts On This, They Really Helped Out.
I Started Out With A 5.23lb Bird. Rubbed On A Pork And Poultry Spice Mix From A Local Butcher. And Stuffed An Onion In The Neck. I Poured Out Half The Beer Into A Pie Pan And Some Onion Peels Also, THEN Used This As The Catch Pan. Close To The End Of Cooking I Used This To Baste The Chicken.
Set The Grill Up For Indirect Grilling And Used A Chunk Of Hickory For Smoke. The Hickory Smoked For About A Hour And Total Cooking Time Was About 2 Hours At 300 Deg.
For Some Reason The Skin Split But The Chicken Was Still Juicy.
I'm Usually Not A Fan Of Dark Meat But The Dark Meat Was The Best Part!
Well Here Are The Pics, Let Me Know What You Think.
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Great Job!
love beer can chicken, moist juicy, crunchy skin...yum...
I used to do mine on the weber kettle until the legs broke icon_mad.gif
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Nice bird MMMMMMM did you Brine
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Great looking yardbird you have there...
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Nice looking bird - nothing beats a good beer can chicken.
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I thought you were gonna fix 'ol fireball? Cool name, I wanted to call mine that after I heard it. But, I have to come up with something original.

Ryan, looks great. I never cared much for the dark meat either until I started smoking chicken. And the breast meat is so moist too, it's hard to know where to start.

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Indirect Grilling?

First... your bird looks great! Just curious though... why do the indirect grilling method when you have a firebox? Why not just smoke it like normal?
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Congrats on a great smoke, that bird is the word. Thanks for sharing the Q View.
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bigsteve i cant take credit for the name fireball...props to alton brown for that...yeah the fix is on my list somewhere...
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Thanks for the view. Looks real good..
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Bird looked great Ryan! And nice avatar, who doesn't love The Simpsons?
Most likely the skin split just from a higher temperature on the bird.
Better to cook at the higher temp and have a bit of split skin rather than the rubbery skin if you plan on eating it. Even if you didn't eat the skin she sure was a pretty bird.
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Came out nice!! Good job!
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thanks to everybody on the compliments. sorry i havent responded sooner, car trouble.
Smoke_chef, i did indirect because i didnt want to smoke all day (i know, shame shame. haha!) however, the chunk of hickory smoked for an hour and i thought that was long enough.
again, thanks to the other posts i found on this, they really helped.
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Congrats on your first beer can chicken, the flavor is worth the wait. Thanks for sharing the Q View.
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