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Ribs on sale StopnShop

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this week august 9 - 13 Cryopac ribs 1.99/lb at StopnShop...i don't know if that is cheap, but i bought one rack to smoke cook, and should probably get another...can you freeze cryopac ribs? for how long?
guess this only good for northeast smokers...sorry!
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Was it $1.99 for spare ribs? I know the baby backs are usually $3.99

I get the cyropack spare ribs from BJ's or Costco for $1.99lb and there are 3 full racks in the pack.

I usually seperate them and pull off the membrane and freeze them. I never had a problem since I usually smoke them within the month I buy them.
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I was in Fargo, ND a month ago and picked up $75.00 worth @ $1.68 a lb. that were cyro packed. "Natural" was the brand, I have never tried them before, but the price seemed right at Sam's Club. I pull the membrane right before I put on the rub.
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My S&S flier says spare ribs. I get them at shop-rite from 99.-$1.49 on sale , then load up. $1.99 is the normal price for spares here..
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Spares are $1.49 per pounds here at Albertson's this week.
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it was spares not BB's i will try to trim them st louis style, and see how i do...they are one rib in a cryopac, i have gotten them at costco with three in a pac...if they turn out good, i'll prolly get more, trim them and vac-seal and freeze...
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