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Unclebeef, that looks great. Looking at your pics makes me want to start mine! When I do start I hope you dont mind a few questions.

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thanks all for the props!
beer-b-q the exhaust is 4'' schedule 40 pipe it's about 1/4'' wall thickness
byron, if i can be of any assistance, just ask i'll do my best to help out.if you need help getting started i've got a size 13 boot!....just kidding.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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got a question for ya. How much room do you leave between the end of the tank and the drip pan or water pan that is welded in there. It looks like it is tight to the wall. And if it is how does the smoke come around ? thanks I'm just curious. awesome work by the way
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Great looking build. I am constantly finding myself jealous of the mad skills of guys in this forum! Wish I had learned welding instead of electrons when I was young. I want to build one!
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got14u, i leave an area roughly twice the size of the exhaust and damper door. from the end of the baffle to the tank wall is about 8''.

fourthwind, maybe we can strike a deal i'm in co. spgs.?
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thanks unclebeef...where in colo spngs...I grew up just south of carson in stratmoor valley and also fountain and widefield...lot's of memories there.
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New Build reverse flow

I've got a new build going and your pictures and comments are really helpful. We mounted the main smoke barrel on the trailer on Saturday and have the firebox about half built as of yesterday, I've got some pictures up at If I can figure out how to do it, I'll put some of the pictures up in this message. If you have a minute to look at the pictures and have comments, I'd appreciate
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got14u, i live on the n.e. side of town near skysox stadium.

chuckp, nice lookin build. i'm no expert but you could use photobucket and upload onto this site pretty easy, just copy the link and paste it here.the wall thickness of 3/8 is going to help if you ever have strong winds or rain and snow. i was smoking about two weeks ago when a big rain storm blew in,my smoker held 200 in a serious down pour.then the storm blew out and the smoker jumped back up to 230. the heavy wall will give you a buffer zone to the elements. the only time it may work against you is smoking on a hot day. you will use less wood which is a plus, however you may have to play with it to keep temps under control?? again nice build, let's get it up on the smf site for everone to enjoy!
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o.k got some new progress pics for ya!!

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Good looking build Uncle Beef. I can't wait to see it in action. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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We need an update Brother.
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great looking are definately talented!
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o.k. got some updated pics for ya'll, enjoy!

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points.gifEnough said...................
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Looks Terrific...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice indeed.
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OUTSTANDING work.. points.gif
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