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My first pinic just went into the smoker ! - Page 2

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Question is it rare for a piece of meat to stall out in temp. more then one time.?
I'm try'in to reach internal temp of 205-210* I have been smoking this thing for right about 23 hrs now at 230* smoke temp, 198* internal temp.

23 hrs into my picnic....Damn this must of been one stubborn old hog.
Still waiting on the 205* mark.
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WOW !!! This was not a picnic for me....LOL

24 hrs to the dot too reach 205* hope this thing taste good..LOL

It's now resting in a nice warm blanket inside a cooler.
The last picture shows my pepper vinegar The one on the left is made from A.C. vinegar with all sorts of peppers a few garlic cloves smashed ,pepper corns and some basil leafs......the one on the right is pretty much the same but white vinegar.
One more qview to come, after it's pulled..............YUMMY !!!!
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OK I would like to thank everyone that has helped me make this smoke a big hit .Thank you for all of the slaw recipes as well.
Well it took 24 hrs at 225-230* to reach the 205* mark,it was well worth the wait.To bad I have to save most of this for our camping trip,because i could of ate up a whole lot more tonight.
Here's the Qview of it all pulled.

Thanks again.
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Wish I could have caught up with ya wrapped up in some stuff.

Wheew...that is a long burn for a shoulder. Reminds me of mine this spring.

You mentioned possibly having 2 stalls? I think I did, too. I'd have to go back through my qview to find out, as I logged pretty much the entire night's events on it...

Ya done 'er though! I think I tossed mine in a steam pan @ 165, maybe 170*, can't remember now, and that did speed up the finish...but, I was a zombie come pork pullin' time.

You did very well keeping it going! If you're like me, all-nighters are tougher on ya at our age than they were when we were young and dumb and partyin' with the boys all night!!!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks really good, and it takes me back to some memories of folks in chat coaching me through it...would have liked to have been there for ya, just had the 'W' thing to attend to next day.

Thanks for sharing, Dan! Rep points are sent, dude!

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Super job, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Points for hangin in there!
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Sure looks like it was worth the wait.
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Thanks a bunch guys, my first picnic was a chore to say the least.
Well worth the wait though. I have one more to do but I think it's going to take a little time to recoup from this 24 hr smoke..........LOL
after this next one I just might stick with B.Butt's .
Eric ,man you are right buddy I slept for 8 hrs last night for the first time in months & I'm still tired.......LOL
Do you think by brine'in it that could of added to the extended pit time ?
I'm a little gun shy about this next picnic.I might try to bump the smoke temp up to 245* next time too see if that helps speed things up.
I know why BBQ joints charge so much now.icon_redface.gif
I really do like the taste of the picnic though, it's like there are 3 different meats in one package. Ham , BB and a really nice light color meat.
I spayed it with a equel mix of maple surip , apple juice and pinapple juice.....rubbed with a heavy brown sugar mix of my normal rub, man oh man that bark was to die for.After pulling I mixed in a touch of my A.C. pepper vinegar with a touch of E.V.O then sprinkeled on a touch of my dry rub without the Brown sugar.
Saved the bones and a few cups of the pork to make a nice smokey split pea soup come winter time.icon_cool.gif
Thanks again.
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Very awesome job dan. The ham looks fabulaous to bad I cann't taste it. Bummer.
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Eric ,man you are right buddy I slept for 8 hrs last night for the first time in months & I'm still tired.......LOL

Yeah, Dan, I was in a pretty good pickle the following day...had to work about 10 hours after I had it pulled and ate my fill...that was just a wee bit rough on my ol' bones.

Do you think by brine'in it that could of added to the extended pit time ?

I really didn't think think about that factor myself...I guess it could add some time...mine was just vac packed without any solution added, I dry rubbed it and immediately hit the smoke.

If you really like a crusted bark, the foil steam pan might not be for you, as the bark gets softened alot during brasing. But, the benefit is reduced time in the smoker, just as with ribs. I've spent 6-7 hours getting untrimmed unfoiled spares done...I can knock 60-90 minutes off by brasing, so about 15-20% or more time saved.

Just a thought for ya here, if you really, really love that bark, maybe foil it up at 170* I/T, then put back on a bare grate after it hits 197~200* and finish the I/T while you reset the bark. It may cut down on the 170-200* build time quite a bit. The last three trimmed and seperated briskets I've done took about 90 minutes from 170 to 195* while brasing...pretty fast.

I might actually try the foiled, then unfoil to finish on my next butt just to see if it would do the same job on the bark as it does on ribs...I'm sure it would. The hurdle would be to get it back out of the foil before it starts to fall apart. icon_redface.gif

Good luck on the next one, but, I'd definately take a breather and do some shorter smokes first...that'll give you some time to regroup and decide exactly what you want to do with it. icon_wink.gif

Good smokes to ya!

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I'm going to try the foil method on the next one Eric, sounds like a winner.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Thank for all the help guys & gal's.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice indeed.I love homemade peppers in vineager myself.

I have had good results foiling or not-just hate how long unfoiled take.

I inject my butts with Big Bob Gibsons butt injection.It acts like a brine a little with the salt.Then,get this,if i foil i inject the foil juices in butt and let rest a few hours.Talk about flavor throughout....
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