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Weekend Ribs (1st Q-view)

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Here is my first Q-View Post attempt. I did some Ribs for the family this weekend. Rubbed with Jeff's Rub and ready to go into the MES at 1:15.

MES Loaded

At 1 hour

At 2 hours

Ready to foil

Ready to serve

Jeff's BBQ sauce was used also.

Some of the best ribs I've had. Thanks to the info here.

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Nice Job.I think home smoked q is the only way to go myself.

Thanks for q- viewPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking ribs, Nice MES smoker too.
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Nice job on the ribs and the Qview. Thanks for sharing.

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Picture perfect looking mess of ribs.

Congratulations on a successful smoke.

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Nice job on the ribs...
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Good smoker and cam work! The first time posting qview makes ya feel kinda silly at first, then it becomes a habit and the fun begins!!!!

Good batch of ribs there, and some variety with sauced...nice!

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Great job on the ribs and your 1st Qview, keep'em comin....points.gif to you!!!!!
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Those look like they turned out great!
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Great lookin pics, and I bet the eatin was great too!

A couple of questions:
You have the newer MES with window?
The racks show a mesh grid, rather than bars, is that standard now?
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif They look delicious.
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Good looking ribs. Thanks for the Q-viewpoints.gif
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they do look awesome...i've got 3 racks of spares going on the GOSM in about an hour and man i'm starving,,i'm doing some work outside and i'll be smelling them for the next 6 hours and drooling
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