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Here we go again

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here are some ribs i prepped and dusted for tommorrow.. they are spares trimmed to st. louis style and coated with Lysanders bourbon rub, man i love that stuff, and into the fridge.

gonna be a late start, bout noonish, i got some work to do before it gets hot plus my MOM and DAD are coming about 5..

got a yard bird on the rottisserre right now and my mouth is watering. more to come
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I'm pretty sure we have that rub here in jersey, never tried it though but maybe now I'll have to pick up a pack and give it a try.
Good luck on the ribs, they look nice and meaty.
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Ribs look good, have not seen that rub here. Keep the qview coming.
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Thanks for sharing the pic my friend. It's nice to see a veteran SMF member enjoying his hobby. It's all good my friend.
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They look good so far, but I really wanted to see them coming off the smoker! PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Looking good.Just finished trimming 2 myself for tomorrow.

First ribs in 2 months...
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Patience oh Grasshopper patience
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sweatin' my as* off and thats alot of sweat

really warm here in PA. right around 90 and the ribs sure smell GREAT

here they are ready to foil..i'll leave them in the roaster pan for this for 1 hour then put back on the racks for glazing with some sweet and sour sauce..also got whole taters and corn on the cob..moms bringing macoroni salad so i can;t wait for the feast to begin
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Man they look good already. Nice job
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Looking very tasty,,,,,,,,,,
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the carnage

here they are all done

had them covered in the pan for an hour then placed them back on the racks and turned up the heat to about 300 and glazed with kikkoman sweet and sour basting sauce and they were to die for.. i didn't let them get to fall off the bone they had a little pull to them and with the combination of the rub and the sweet & sour sauce they were perfect along with the smoker baked taters and corn on the cob

here is some of the carnage

all in all it was a great feast and i'm stuffed. gonna shower and plant myself in front of the idiot box
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Damn those rib's look awesome !!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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