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Why not call and ask? My ET7 has it on the outside. Maybe if it bothers you so much they will exchange it.
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And I wasn't trying to start anything with you. My apologies for my tone. It seemed like you were on a rampage hitting every thread you could. While I'm sure the transmitter isn't submersible you'll notice that the battery cover also has a rubber gasket around it. My guess is that is to keep out moisture. Surely the power switch would have been a weak link in that goal. So I'm guessing that's why the switch is back there.
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Good answer, Dude! I never thought of that one! And very likely you are right, and maybe Maverick should have advertised that as a desirable feature, which it most certainly is.

And on that positive note I will humbly back out of this thread.
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Ok, first the back story.

I have a couple of Taylor digital thermometers that I bought at Target and I have used for years and years. I have a couple of no-name wireless digitals that I bought on clearance for less than $20 each that I have had for a couple of years. I think the meat probe that I am currently using on the ET-73 belongs to one of the Taylor's because it has a grey plug and the others are black, but I can't swear to it. Other digitals have come and gone over the years in this household as well, so I have no real clue as to where the meat probe that I am using with the ET-73 came from.

But to be fair, I never gave Maverick's customer service a chance to make it right because I found a quick fix here at home, but I thought it might be interesting to give it a shot and see what they say. BTW, I bought my ET-73 on 5/31/2009 from Anyway, following Dude's links in another thread, I will approach Elizabeth @ Maverick and see what transpires, and report back. Stay tuned. Or not.

One other thing...I use thermocouples (probes) nearly every day in the work that I do. They are simple devices...merely two dissimilar metals joined together at one point, that generate a voltage based on temperature. You can literally twist two dissimilar metals together and make a crude thermocouple. Anyway, I don't have a lot of regard for them because they are so simple and so cheaply made. To muddy the waters, there are commonly several types, relative to the temperature range that you are trying to measure, so it is simply a matter of finding the appropriate type of thermocouple for your device. Bottom line is that f I couldn't find a probe here at home that would work, I'm sure I could have found one where I work. But this thread is about customer service, after all, so let's try it out!
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What I said.
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You had me at bumfuzzles..
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What she said.

My apologies to all, particularly to the The Dude Abides, who started this thread, for not having given Maverick's Customer Service a fair chance to make this right. I can now agree with everyone who contributed to this thread...their Customer Service is exceptional!

My faith in humanity is restored! (Well, sorta...)
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Hope it works out for you. Just as an FYI, all 6 of my Maverick probes have grey plugs on them. Not that they all do. Any chance the probe in question didn't come off your Maverick?
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Thanks, Dude.

No, I wish it were so (about mixing up the probes), but I had purchased a Smokenator 1000 (RIP, Don Thompson) for our Weber kettle and ran a test run on it using the new Maverick on Saturday, and went directly from there to smoking ribs on the GOSM on Sunday. Besides, all of the potential replacement probe's plugs that I have are all too short, requiring that the plastic plug be trimmed so that the tip can make contact with the jack.

FWIW, there are two predominant types of thermocouples...J-type and K-type...and arguably, those two account for the majority of TCs in use in the USA today. I strongly suspect the grey plugs signify one type and the black plugs signify another, and additionally that OEMs purchase the TCs from a TC manufacturer who specializes in making TCs. Again, I am continually amazed at what I don't know that I don't know, so if anyone has better information, I'm willing to stand corrected.
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The switch on my ET-73 receiver broke after about six months of use. Someone on another board taught me how to get it working. Over time, I stopped using the unit altogether. About a month or so ago it dawned on me I wasn't using it.

Spurred on by a similar thread somewhere, I wrote Maverick about my issues. Elizabeth handled it well. It was not more than a year since I purchased the unit. Unfortunately, I was sent a transmitter instead of a receiver. Another e-mail to Elizabeth and a receiver was sent right out to me.
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great thread and glad to see fasteddie get the customer service he needed to restore his faith in the mavericks. great thermo in my opinion. the switch indeed is located behind the panel for weatherproofing on the transmitter. the one on the reciever isnt because typically it shouldnt see weather. i have had a few thermos myself, my first a taylor which i bought approx 10-12 years ago, it finally bit the dust a year ago, tried some others including 2 wally worlds i bought for 14 bux each, everyone was raving about the sale. the probe on either one never seen meat. they were both off by over 30 degrees... finally i bought the maverick and never looked back. the 73 has the ideal options which i have not seen on any other thermo made. esp the lo-hi warning for the smoke box.
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Just spreading the word, like I said I would.

Like the Dude said, Great Job!
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I was wondering about that too, then I realized that the transmitter is water resistant, so by having the switch on the inside keeps the water out of the switch. Makes sense when you think about it in those terms.


Guess I should have read the third page before answering...oh well
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Great Thermo

I just purchased the Maverick ET7 and am loving it. Its a great thermo. I have been using it since Aug. 7th. So far it works great and has all the features I need. Just wanted to express my opinion of the device.
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