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Maverick Customer Service - Great Job

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I remember a while back somebody having problems with Maverick's customer service.

A couple of weeks ago I did a smoke and thought my temps were off. I did a test with two of my Maverick ET73 probes and sure enough, both were off by about 15*. I emailed them and got a response back from Elizabeth who said she'd send me out two new probes and that if that wasn't the problem to send in the unit and they'd evaluate it there since there is no way to calibrate the units themselves.

The probes showed up a few days later with an invoice that said "no charge" and both worked just fine.

So kudos to Elizabeth and to Maverick for taking care of their products and their customers!
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It is so rare these days you get some customer service like that.
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Great thanks for info........
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That worked out good sounds like, I like dealing with companies like that...
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Hey Dude ole Liz has helped me out more than once.
to me there customer service is #1.
dont try to screw them over as they know whats going on in the real world.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yep, great company. And in hindsight my attempt to give them a compliment might have been a bad idea. Not that any of you fine folks would, but if they get hit with a bunch of complaints about probes, they're gonna start to wonder. And it costs them $$$ to do this. If people take advantage, they won't be able to do it. Then we'll complain about poor customer service when in fact it's just smart business.

So, if you know of a place that gives good CS be sure to let them know and thank them for it. Don't take advantage of them.
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That was me Dude, the problem I had was with a guy that works for Maverick (no response from him after 2 phone calls with him). I also wrote that once I talked to Elizabeth she took care of everything to the best of her ability...She was truly a joy to talk with and really cared enough to address the problem. Elizabeth is definately the one to talk to if you have a problem with a Maverick product!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm glad you found some customer service instead of the usual customer noservice.
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DUDE I agree 100% on the taking advantage thing...I do alot of work for people on a personal basis and my probes from maverick have been absolutely incredible...More then happy to pay for reliable product.

Honesty is the Best and my only policy.That and a good lawyer.
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Its refreshing to hear positive stories about customer service in a time when, sadly, good service is a rare thing. I always make it a point to do repeat business with companies and people who go out of their way to make their customers feel valued and appreciated. Thanks for the info, Dude, and kudos to Maverick/Elizabeth.
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Good customer service or not, if maverick would concentrate a little more on quality contol and actually testing the units they sell there would be alot less promlems all around. I just had to return a maverick to the store yesterday because the temps were off more than 50 degrees, junk as far as I'm concerned. Did I get another maverick? not a chance!
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So, what did you get ? I know there are other brands out there. Did you find one that is better ?

I'd really like to know, because I'm getting ready to buy one.
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Glad to hear those things. I just bought another smoker wireless unit with the 2 probes. Love my first one. But found I had the GOSM and the UDS fired up at the same time. Told the Mrs's it was on sale!
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[quote=Jethro;345447. Did I get another maverick? not a chance![/quote]
thanks more for meicon_mrgreen.gif
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I even went so far as to buy another thermo a BGE brand but still made by maverick I got it home put the batteries in and the receiver wouldn't shut off, bad on/off switch, so back to the store it went too. TOTAL JUNK! I ordered a therma pen. If I was given a maverick for free I would throw it in the trash as I would not take a chance on my family and guests health with that cheap chinese crap!
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You just gotta wonder why anyone would put an off-on switch inside a battery compartment!

The meat probe on my ET-73 pooped out on the second Q. No over-temps, no abuse, it just quit. Fortunately, I had another probe from one of my other digital thermometers that worked...I had to trim a little of the plastic off of the plug connection, but it's been working great ever since.

It's a great idea but poor execution, in my book. Maybe I should have gone through their customer service, but my thought is that I would have probably ended up with another inferior probe, and more frustration. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

I will try to avoid their products down the road. Nothing like an early failure to take the shine off a purchase.
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Ok Eddie, we got ya. You're hitting every thread that mentions the word Maverick and ranting that you got a bad probe. But you won't call customer service so they could try to make it right by ya. I think it's pretty obvious from all the members that use the product and like it. That it is indeed you that is making the ugly impression. Give it a rest or give them a call. They took care of me and they've taken care of others at no charge.

I don't have a dog in this fight at all. But I have posted about how this is a good company who does things right when something isn't perfect. For crap sake this isn't some piece of handcrafted Omish furniture.
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Dude, the best customer service is the one you never have to use.
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Agreed. But you're on a mission tonight. Mistakes happen. Nothing in this world is perfect. Even to good companies with good products. Give Elizabeth a shout via email and see if she takes care of you.
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Look, Dude, the very last thing I want to do is get into a p*ssing contest over this. I'm sure Elizabeth is a very caring person and a joy to deal with, but I think we can both agree that the quality of the product(s) that she represents are well beyond her control.

Do you see a reason why the on-off switch had to be in the battery compartment? It bumfuzzles me.
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