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Sausage on the smoke now..

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2 lbs of snack stix, and 3 lbs of polish sausage. Can't wait to taste the fruits!

I think the big polish sausage in the pic is around 3 ft long! Made everything last night.. got it on right 3 pm.

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Looking good .... keep us posted!
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Those are some mighty fine looking sticks and polish sausage there chad.
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This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Wow Chad, they sure are lookin good so far.
Can't wait to see the end results.
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Great looking sausage Chad...
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Looking good! and I like the clothes pin idea.
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Macgyver uses Duct Tape... Farmer uses clothes pins! The snack stix rock.. just ate a couple.. waiting for the polish to finish. Will get some pix up soon!
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good looking snausage-I never seen clothes pins before-I tie off with butcher twine when needed
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One of these days, I swear you sausage makers are gonna push me off the fence so I can try this.

Great looking stuff. You gonna eat that 3 footer all at once. It'd be like a man v food episode.
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After I got home today.. yeah I could have eaten the entire batch. I love man vs. food! I especially like the "meterwurst" episode. To me, that didn't seem like much of a challenge?
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looks awsome
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We made 10 lbs of the snack stick a month or so ago and I swear the next time I do it I'll make 50 lbs. It was the best snack sticks I have ever tasted. My friends went nuts. I was out in less than a week. I'm sure you'll like yours.
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