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Too Much Smoke

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Ok, so I was seasoning my new smoker this weekend and trying to figure out how to regulate the temp and smoke. I finally got the temp figured out (225*-240*) but the smoke kicked my butt. At first I put dry chips in the box and that went way to fast. I then put dry chips in foil with 4 toothpickholes, much better, but still too much for what you all call TBS. I then put in chunks of wood wrapped in foil. For the most part this done ok, but I feel I still had a little too much to reach the sacred TBS.

Any ideas on how to slow down the smoke?PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

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Did you snap any photos of the smoke? That would help to know what you're dealing with.

In my gas cabinet, I use the factory cast iron chip pan. I put in some soaked chips & chunks around the outside and on top of dry chips & chunks at about a 50/50 ratio and it seems to work well for me to get a nice thin smoke.

I'd like to try larger chunks to increase the length of the smoke per pan though.
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If you can get the wood box a little further from the flame it would help.
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try the foil again, but only poke one hole in the foil. See how that works, if not enought, maybe two.
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Right there with icruzen, went through ALOT of this of late. I've found that you need to keep the chunks off to the side of the coals so they barely smolder/smoke
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Too much air can create a quick burn, try backing down the lower vents if you have them, but leave the top vent open.
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bingo ~ this is the solution!PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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I had the very same problem. Try getting the TBS when smoking jerky at 140 - 170 ain't gonna happen, or at least it was a very frustrating experience for me.

A cold smoke generator works exceptionally well for TBS regardless of temperature. I just don't have the patience to fuss with wood chunks or chips trying to get them to smoke just right...I just want to turn a knob one way or the other to get what I want, which is why I went with a propane smoker in the first place.

A CSG is to smoke as propane is to heat...
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