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Roasted 30 pounds of my Green Chiles w/pics

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Man, I love roasted green chili. I lived in Colorado for 12 years, and I would absolutely fill the freezer with new mexico green chilis that they roasted fresh on the spot. It was a big deal, farmers would set up big truck trailers in the corner of parking lots and just roast chilis all day long. Your garden is simply amazing, and to have them fresh from your own garden is even better. I am really jealous right now.

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spent the last 2 days roasting chilies-hatches on sale here-u have a very nice looking garden.
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You have a real nice setup there, I love the roaster and the garden is to die for...
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Alx you have the best garden and now that I see you have a roater too, I'm jealous icon_mrgreen.gif

Wow...always wanted one of those and enough space to need one.

Your peppers look outstanding and you really have the system done~ congratulations!

Ever roast them and keep the seeds in for a bit more heat?
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Garden looks awesome. Those peppers look great...Wish I had a garden like that...
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Those are some excellent looking peppers. I guess it's time to start checking around town to see who's roasting.
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Wow what a nice looking bunch of peppers. If only I kept my garden looking like that! That pepper roaster is pretty neat, is that something you made?
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Man those are some nice peppers. Years ago, I lived in El Paso Texas. Would drive into New Mexico and go over to Hatch, the best peppers in the world as far as long green goes. I have to say, that garden of your is pretty unreal. Almost makes me sick looking at it as I cant see any weeds LOL.

You would not think it, but actually here in cold Minnesota, I grew some great peppers last year. Longest one was almost 13" and ended up with about 50# in all. Mid Summer, freezer went out and we did not know it. Lost all of our food, all the peppers and 100+ pounds of venison.icon_sad.gif Growing some again this year, but it has been way too cool. Not many on the vine. Am going to try some ghost chilies next year. Never thought about dehydrating them, buy you gave me a good idea. Think I will try it.
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First of all, nice work with the peppers. Those things look mighty tasty. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Its not too tough once you get the hang of it.

One way is to open a separate window, log on to the site again & go to the thread you wish to comment on. Once you click on "Quote" mode you can go to the first window you had open & pick another response you wish to quote. Then you can capture & drag the response to other quote. Once there you will need to wrap it in [quote] brackets.

An easier way, depending if your browser will allow you to do it, (Firefox won't) is to click on "Quote" for the first comment & scroll down to find the next response you wish to quote, capture it & then drag it back up to the initial comment. And again you will need to wrap it in quote brackets. Like this... [quote=THE ICEMAN],(/quote) Make note that I used parentheses on the closed quote for demonstration purposes. Hope that makes sense.
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Wow Alex!
Firstly, nice roaster. Sure beats my method of using the spare grills that came with the firebox side of my sNp (I don't ever use them now) and place them on the stove top and turn the peppers, long and boring process. That roaster sure must come in handy!

Most of my peppers (besides the habaneros and scotch bonnets) are doing great. Just made some ABts out of no heat jalapenos and anaheims.
Once the tomatoes are in full excessive production I will have to either overnight or just make the few hours drive and bring you down a batch of fresh Jersey maters, and of course a good load of my peppers.
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Excellent post, great follow through on the pics too. You're singing my song with NM chiles. Points to you my friend.
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*cry* That is one thing I really, really, really miss about living in NM... green chili's icon_sad.gif.

We used to buy 50 lb. burlap bags of them at the local farmers market, they would roast them for us and then we would spend the rest of the day at home pealing and prepping for the freezer.

Enoy some for those of us stuck in an area without them! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those are some really great looking pepers and that garden looks awesome. Keep up the good job. points.gifFor the garden alx. Your a real life Mr. Greenjeans.
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Mmmmmmm...Now that is a piece of "jerky" I would like to chew on.
A nice homegrown pepper.
You know Alex, I don't know if I have ever told you before or not but you do some damn fine work, smoked and everything else.
Keep up the good work!
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I see all the great replys but cant see your original post icon_neutral.gif
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Ditto...mad.gif I would love to see that roaster everyone is complimenting!!!
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