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1st attempt @ maken bacon(buckboard)

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been wanting to do this for a while but could not find any cure around here. did not want TQ to salty for me.
so i broke down and ordered some Hi Mountain.

cut the bone outta the butt rubbed down and into the fridge 12 days.

12 days later and here it is at 140° smoker is off and its resting for an hour then back in fridge.

here it is all sliced and in the bowl is end chunks for them thar wicked beans.
had blt's for lunch very good but bacon seems to lack flavor maybe next one a rub of some sort or cbp whats your thoughts on thisicon_question.gif
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Sure does look good from here!

I haven't done any bacon cure/smokes yet (to-do list is big). Does the cure package mention anything about adding brown sugar or maple syrup after the cure is done? CBP would help it out, too. I would think adding seasonings, brown sugar or syrup can't hurt anything after the cure.

Nice buckboard!

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I'm getting ready to do another Buckboard bacon. I felt the same way about the ones I've done before. Just not enough flavor inside. This time I'm going to pickle and brine with TQ, garlic and onion. I also make sure and use the seasoning in the brine and when I smoke. Making a batch of Canadian Bacon also. I'm going to stick with the TQ rub on them. I've been really happy with the flavor of the CB.
Something I did is when I cooked the bacon up I sprinkled it with a little brown sugar and salt. I also cooked it in a little coke. Adds lotsa flavor. Post wouldn't let me give you points.
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Looks great! It's still on my to do list.
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looks real good Terry, after my first one came out bland like you mentioned , I've been rubbing them down with cbp after i rinse and dry them. I also like to inject maple syrup in them.
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Looks really good, something I need to try I guess...
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thanks for the help at least i know now that it did lack a little flavor.
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yes inject works well with big cuts like that.
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Nice job Morkdach, looks excellent.
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I've never had this before. It looks delicious. What is it supposed to taste like? It looks a lot like ham in those slices.
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I like to cook it up like bacon. Take it past the done stage and on to a bacon crisp stage. The first time I cooked it I thought it was just like ham but left some cookin a little longer to crisp up and it was much more like bacon.
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Taste like whateve kinda bacon ya season for Dude. I have made lots of CB and a few hams. I do use TQ and if it was ever too salty you could soak in cold water and quarter some raw taters in with it for 30 mins at a time to pull some salt out.

Oh yeah! The buckboard looks great and It is on my list after I do belly bacon.
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Looks great Mork.
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thanks it fries up great also wrapped some around corn today with a good pork rub and smoked @ around 215° for 2 hours trust me it worked.
done it in the huskicon_mrgreen.gif
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I too wanted buckboard but had to order it. So I did and just did a pork loin and cured it smoked it. It came out really yummy and now I have the second batch in the refrig awaiting next weekend smoke. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifYours looks really good next time I'm doing a butt and hope it will come out as good as yours.
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thanks next one i think i'll do a cbp rub on iticon_question.gif
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Thanks for the idea. Bacon wrapped corn. Nuff said.
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