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Turkey smoke wood

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Alder or Pecan for a turkey?

I need to know in the next 2 hours so I can start this baby.

Brined in basil rosemary zinfandel mix, rubbed with garlic basil rosemary.

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Purely a matter of taste I would also consider apple wood
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While Pecan is not overpowering for beef and pork, at times it seems just a bit too strong for poultry IMHO. I've never had Alder. Given the choice between the 2, I would go Alder, just because I've never had it.

Doing Chicken on the Rotiss today, and I will be using a small amount of Apple.
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I would go with alder with a bit of pecan thrown in.
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If you got Alder, rock on with it!
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Me, too. I just finished smoking 4 turkey breasts in the MES for 6 hours with apple wood.
OK, I know....I forgot the pictures, so I didn't happen. icon_redface.gif

Just pretend I did it. OK? icon_mrgreen.gif
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Okay, Herky.....what'd you use? icon_question.gif
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