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2nd Butt on the GOSM w-qview

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After an afternoon of smoking yesterday, I set the alarm for 3:30 a.m. to get a 7+ lb. butt on the smoker in time for dinner tonight. I rubbed the butt with mustard, and rub last night. I added some cherry kool-aid to my rub to see how it will be.

Got the butt on @ 4:00 a.m., and mopped it 3 hours in with a mix of oil, apple juice, my rub, and cider vinegar, so far soo good.

I had to switch out the propane tank about 4 hours in(5 smokes, close to 30 hours out of that tank). I had a reserve, and was glad I did.

3 hours in pre mop:

Ill update as the day progresses.

Serving the pulled pork on Hawaiin rolls, with some cole slaw, and some sweet corn. And of course beer.

thanks for looking.
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Going to be a good one Chisoxjim, nice start...
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i hope so, I am real curious about the kool-aid. sounded good.

also the smoker wont be working very hard with temps in the upper 90's today. summer is finally here.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Lookin good there Chiso, can't wait for the finals....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Let me know if that cherry kool aid gave it any definate flavoricon_question.gif
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Looking good! Will be interesting to find out the taste test results.
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And he's off and running. Sounds like the right makings of a great meal.
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Sounds very interesting Kool-aid I hope you didn't use grape cause it mite be hard to eat purple pulled pork. Cann't wait for more Q
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cherry kool-aid, just 3 tsp added to the rub & tart wash, adding a nice color to the bark.

gonna take my first pork temp reading @ the 11 hour mark @ 3:00 p.m.(damn probe is broken & I havent repalced it yet.).

so far so good though.
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Looks like a good start Chisox. Looking forward to the updates and final q-view. Kool-aid to add color to the bark. I think that's an intresting idea. Let us know if you percieve any added taste to the pork when you add it to the rub and wash.
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sittin @ 185 after 11 hours. should be good to pull, foil, and put in a cooler til supper in about an hour.

Takin pics, I will probabl post them tomorrow from work, as being up since 3:30 this a.m., and the beer flowin since 1:00 will limit my posting after supper. icon_smile.gif
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I thought this was the best pulled pork I have eaten/made. THe cherry koolaid in the rub and the tart wash imparted a slight tart cherry taste, one I liked, Ill be using that one again. I was skeptical about kool-aid in the rub, but really liked it. I'll recap. I put the 7+ # butt on @ 4:00 a.m., & kept the temps between 230 & 250 the whole time. I and waited 3 hours before I mopped the butt with cider vinegar, oil, apple juice, and some of the rub. I also sprinkeld rub on after mopping. I mopped only one more time around 6 hours, but saw that this butt had such a nice fat cap it would keep itslef moist as it melted off.

I was @ 185 degrees after 11 hours, and let the butt go 1 more hour before I pulled it and wrapped it in foil. I squirted some honey on the foil, and put some more rub down, and about 2 tbsp of apple juice. I put the butt in the foil fat side down, wrapped it up, and wrapped it ina towel. I put it on a cooler, and finished got the rest of dinner set. The butt was in the cooler maybe 45 minutes before I took it out. The bone pulled right out, and the pork pulled very easily, a desent smoke ring, moist, and great flavor. I ate mine with a little bbq sauce, melindas XXX hot sauce, and topped with slaw. Served on one of these "hawaiian rolls" I see at the deli. Bun held up, and the slaw ontop of a pulled pork sandwich is one of my favorite things. Also had some corn on the cob, and some potato salad my mom brought over.

butt after 8 hours:

butt after 12 hours before foiling:

a chunk that stuck to the grate - nice snack - great bark imho:

butt after foil step:

pulled the bone:

pic of the bark:


pile o' pork:

my sandwich:

thanks for looking, I had a lot of fun smoking, and eating this one.
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Real nice job..PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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it was a great dinner imho. I might have to have some of that pulled pork for dinner in taco form(perhaps with an overeasy egg on top like last weeks pulled pork tacos..). PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Nice smoke, it looks real good.
I'm gonna do one this week, I hope mine comes out as nice as your looks.
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Looks great!

.99c per pound.... I wish.
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Dang Jim. That is some fine looking pork. Congrats on a successful smoke.
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Looks like a heck of a good meal... Nice Job! I will be having pulled pork this Saturday night while watching pre-season football. Can't wait!

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Congratulations on a Great Smoke. I'll be doing a similar smoke soon and will use your posting as a reference. The pork looks great. I am sure it tasted even better. Thanks for the posting and q-view.
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football, and the NFL season ticket on DirectTv were the reason I bought the GOSM gasser 3 weeks ago. steady temps so I dont have to leave my couch and the football game.
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thanks, $.99/lb was how I got my wife onboard with having more pork last weekend(shes getting tired of bbq pork, even though I try to change it up with chicken, mussels, etc.). PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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