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Omaha Steaks Q-view

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Got an Omaha steaks gift package from my company as a way of saying thanks for giving up so many weekends to work this summer (and the project is only half done icon_redface.gif)

There was a lot of stuff in the pack, and I did the 4 Sirloins tonight. They were very good, although pretty small (5oz)

When I need high grilling temps on my Kettle, but am only doing a small amount of food, I take my indirect cooking baskets, fill them up, and push them together. The coals get really hot this way:

Off the grill and resting for 5 minutes:

Cut open. The pic doesn't look quite right. The center was red, slightly past rare, heading toward Med Rare:

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Real nice looking steaks there, bud. You got a pretty good company if they're shelling out that kind of money to give you all Omaha Steak packages.
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Nice steaks, mmm, looking good.
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Steaks look terrific.
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Those are some really good looking steaks. It's like my aunt always said if it's bad Blame the butcher and if its good praise the chef. Great Job Steve
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Looks great
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Looks real good Steve
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