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Ribs and my FIRST ABTs w/Qviews

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went out and got 12 Japs and some accessories:

Bent the weiner trays into pepper holders as I saw one other guy earlier give this tip in another thread:

Got my RIBs all rubbed up and ready for the fire:

With the ribs in the cooker, time to make those ABTs:

I used Cream cheese, Beef LIL Smokies, Farmers cheese from Wis., and packed each one with a rosemary leaf...

Cream cheese in first, whole smokies went into the bigger ones, halves went into the smaller ones...

Of which then I cut Farmers Cheese into long blocks and shoved them in there along side the smokies:

Capped with bacon and ready for the fire:

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Looking great !!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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those abt's look like they are gonna be good.
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RIBS in the Rival for an hr. or so, (my way of the foil method)


letting them cool off and gona try one with a Bridgeport IPA!!!

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Man those all look so good. Loved the ABTs...
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From a guy who doesn't like, those look tasty. Good call on the Lil Smokies!

Oh yeah, the ribs look darned fine too.

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They were!!!

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Everything came out really well nice juicy ribs and those Abt's look great.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sweet looking ribs and abt's. Those ABT's are gourmet eats with all the time and care you spent packing did you like them with the farmer cheese and rosemary / smokie combo? Did it pair nicely with the Bridgeport IPA? Did they retain any heat?

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Lacking a salty taste... that's about all I thought they needed was maybe some salt and pepper... which I should have done first then stuffed.
Plus, to make them real hot I should have left them on longer than 2 hrs. Other than that I thought they were a success for my first ones!!
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