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Smoked mussels w-garlic/bbq rub butter, and beer - w-qview

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Part of todays feast was a late adder onto the menu yesterday. I saw these frozen mussels, 2# box for $6.99, and decided I wanted them. They a quick frozen on the halfsheel, and parcooked. So I should only need to smoke them for maybe 30 minutes. I am going to put them on the smoker frozen as I have seen that tip in a few recipes. I am going to top the mussels with a garlic/bbq rub butter I made that I have in teh freezer. I will cut it into squares, and top as many mussels with it as I can. I will also pour about a half a beer in the bottom of the tin to hopefully get a little steam action going. I may partially cover the pan loosely with foil as well.

The garlic butter is:

1 stick of unsalted butter
6 cloves garlic
1 tbsp bbq rub
1/2 tsp yellow curry
some fresh parsley

all run through the food processor, and put on plastic wrap and formed into a block. Then out in the freezer to get solid.

thanks for looking I will update with pics of the smoke, and the finished product. hopefully a success.
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Jim Jim Jim.......

This may could be one of the most coolest smokes I have ever seen!

I wish you lots of luck with this one!
post #3 of 8 are the KING! Mussels have got to be one of the best seafood items on the planet...great idea you have and really looking forward to the Q-View!
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Holy Cow thats a great idea of smoked mussels. I cann't wait to see and hear how they came out. I really like the flavored butter idea too.
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Mussels came out pretty darn good, nice garlic/beer broth, and tender. Smoked for approx. 30 minutes.

thanks for checking out the pics.
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Very nice work jim... Points for creativity!
Your always a busy busy man out there...
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Damnit! Things like this just make me wish I liked seafood.
None that I have tried-from flounder to whole baby octopus and I have never found any seafood I loved, even worked for red lobster and had to quite...
Wish I enjoyed it because this post makes me really want to try some mussels, but just something inside of me doesn't agree, weird considering I am about 25% swedish, but I guess the more Irish than Swedish part of me controls my pallet.
Looks great anyway, nice work!
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thanks guys.

mussels arn't my favorite(I like crawfish, crab,shrimp and lobster best), but I am trying to expand my seafood eating tastes.
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