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Dry rub over peanut oil.
Dry chunks or chips.
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I used to use wet rubs on my ribs, but in reality, if your going to wrap and let em sit overnight, there is no need for a wet rub. In the morning when you remove them from the fridge and ready for the smoker, your "dry" rub will now be somewhat "wet"

Dry rub

Wet and dry chunks, depending on my smoker temperature. If I need heat and air is wide open, I'm not going to toss in wet fuel. I try to use wet the most. With practice of temp control, I rarely have to toss in dry wood.
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dry rub and dry wood
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both work for me
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Dry Wood ~ Dry Rubs
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Dry & Dry

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dry rub with yellow mustard

dry chunks

wet chips (i've read that water even if you let them sit for a few hours only penetrates enough to really affect chips because they're so thin)....cant believe everything you read but it makes a little sense to me
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Wet rub and wet wood.
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I like Dry rubs and a mix of Dry chips & chunks.
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Dry rub and dry chunks.
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