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wet or dry?

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what do yall prefer wet rubs or dry rubs?
wet chips or dry chips for smoking?
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Dry rubs
Wet chunks

Chips are for gas grills.
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Dry rubs always. As for wood I like logs LOL

If I need to use chips then I use 2/3 wet and 1/3 dry to get em burning
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Dry Rubs & Dry Chips or Chunks depending on which smoker I am using. The one pictured requires chips.
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I'm with dry rub and dry no wet no dry chips. Ok so I'm on the fence with the chips.
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rubs and chips/chunks

Dry rubs over a yellow mustard slather. Dry chunks/chips because the water boils off wet chips before they start to smoke.
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ditto bluefrog
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I second this
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Dry rubs.... Just watch a few BBQ cooking shows and competitions, all use dry rub. I can only recall seeing one contestant in a contest that wet/marinade their ribs.

Wet chips (CHIPS not Chunks). I soak the chips for approx. 30 minutes, if the electric element is on when I put the chips in, they will start smoking in less than 5 minutes. The MES allows you to add chips from outside, you can put a few chips or a more, another brand of electric smoker that requires you to open the hatch to add chips, which may be a larger quantity of chips, wet might be a problem, so dry could be appropriate.
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i 3rd this dry dry dry
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What he said!
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Dry rubs, and chunks.
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I'm with Rich^^ dry rubs, dry chunks~ though I actually use mostly sticks.
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Dry rub, and dry chunks. If you use chips, don't even bother without soaking them first.
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I have to compromise. I like chunks, but in the Primo, there isn't much space atop the coals for chunks. I was thinking of going down the chips route, but my BBQ store sells thin round chunks. They work very well for me.

I'm going to try Traeger pellets, distribute them all over the firebox and see how I get on. I understand that this is what the Primo team does. I'm afraid that They'll burn out quickly, and I'll have to wait for the fire to spread before the next chips light. In the Primo, this takes a LONG time!
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Dry rub and dry wood here.
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I do both dry rub and wet rubs. I don't bother with wetting down the chips anymore.

One of my favorites is instead of using Mustard which I like. I first wet the meat with worchestershire sauce then let it dry. I now put on the mustard and rub. Sometimes I let that dry and put on another coat.

If using a double coat I never mop because it makes the bark mushy.
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Dry and dry here as well. Brine it if it's poultry, or some pork, then dry dry.
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I think dry rub will be ok
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Wood = Dry

Rub = Dry most of the time. Recently I took my rub and added a little apply juice to make a paint. Then used it on ribs and also steaks. I really liked the flavor it added. I guess it will just depend on my mood as to what I will do in the future.
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