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Heavy Duty Propane Cookers

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Does anybody know the make of the propane cooker that is shown on the image below? I tried looking at the image to see if I could make out the wording on the label with no success. Also where I could find and buy one?


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Mine looks very similar and is made by cajun chef. Used to get them at sams, but not anymore. I have seen a variation of them at Bass pro.
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Northern Tool has a couple that are similar.

Three burner:

Two Burner:
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Here is another one they have that could be modified probably, because it has taller legs.
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Propane Cookers

Thanks Guys! Looks like the burners in the image I have were put into a frame of angle iron then connected to the trailer? The one in the image that I sent looks like it has a wind guard on it too? The ones from Northern Tool look very simular. I'm thinking that it may be built from another company. Sure wish I was able to see the label!
Thanks again,
Thomas PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks like a two burner Camp Chef without the legs. Check out
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two burner Camp Chef Propane Cooker

Hello Old Dog,
First let me say a hardy welcome to you to SMF!

After looking at the link you provided I can say that it does look just like the one featured on the camp chef website. I was able to see a larger image of the propane cooker. I still have to give "Prop"s" to Beer-B-Q because they are the same brand only he found it at the Northern Tool Website. It's a good thing that I don't live to far from Northern Tool. I could buy a whole lot ther! We also have a Gander Mountain and ****'s - Sporting Goods not far from me too. I was also thinking that the wire box holding the propane cooker looked like they used angle iron as a brace and some kind of box using metal wire. I remember they used to have metal milk container boxes in milk delivery before using the plastic now days. Perhaps they adapted a type of box to hold the propane cookers together? Just a thought. I haven't seen a metal milk holder for years now!
Thanks everyone,
Thomas biggrin.gif
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What's interesting is the Camp Chef Explorer 2 sells for $169.99 on Camp Chef's site and sells for $129.99 on Northern Tools site. Tha is $40.00 difference and the manufacturer is HIGHER...

Northern Tool:

Camp Chef:
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Yeah Beer-B-Q, Go figure! You would think it would be cheaper at the Camp Chef site. It does make me happy that I do live not too far from a Northern Tool Store! Like a kid going on a Field Trip!! LOL I also took another look at that image of the propane cooker. Don't know how I got that there was a metal milk crate in it. It looks like two angle iron frames for top and bottom and two metal tubes bent at the right angle to be used as side supports. Simple enought!

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Looked at mine when I got home, It is a camp chef. Mine was worth every penny of the $99.99 that I paid. It wasn't much for a grill (parts of which came with it) but as a double burner it is awsome. hot enough to deep fry a turkey although I wiould not do it on the legs. I sat it on a picknic table.
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I'm thinking if I brace it and weld it to the frame it should hold what I cook just fine. I was thinking of using it to cook Fish and Corn.
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