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Thermapens on sale

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Just a head's up folks....to all of you who have been drooling over the Thermapen instant read.
They have introduced a new model (splashproof) and have discounted all the old thermapens. They have reduced the original from $89.00 to $74.00, and combination infrared-thermapen is $69.00.

I just ordered a combination for myself..infrared to detect instant surface temperature, and the probe will give you a dead-on internal temp in 8 seconds.

I'll let you all know how I made out after It gets here, and I have sufficient time to test (play with :) it.
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Thanks for posting this. These were on sale awhile back for about the same price. I happened to be in a restaurant supply store and asked about the Thermapen. They had them for $150.00. This is a good buy.
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Hey Hoser,

You are gonna love the thermapen. Mrs. Engineer got me the original thermapen for a gift (man, that Mrs. Engineer really knows how to get to me...gifting me with BBQ Bling!!), and It is absolutely the one must have that is in my arsenal. I love the small probe diameter, because my old probe was like sticking a railroad spike into the meat. Then juice (and flavor) would just run out...I almost hated to test the temp of stuff...not with the thermapen. It is fast, and accurate, with a very small probe diameter that doesn't leave a "drain" in the meat for the coveted juice and flavor to escape. Sweet score for you! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wound up getting the thermapen combo....thermocouple probe, and infrared as well. I'm in love with this thing already!
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