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UFC Fight Meal Saturday: Pulled pork + Baby Back Spare Ribs

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Ok all, after my last meal came out great, I'm hooked on smoking now (meat, not nicotine! haha)

1st try at pulled pork and I'm adding some pork baby back spare ribs just in case I mess up the pulled! (even though i'm confident i wont have a prob)

Its 7pm Friday, this food will be ready by 5pm tomorrow night, so get ready to anticipate the final product. Here are some teaser prep pics in the mean time, I'm sure I'll post them SUNDAY morning because I usually like to have a beer or eight when I watch the fights, plus I'll have some good food too!




Stay tuned!
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Looks like it's gonna be a good fight!
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I won't be around after Saturday 10:00 AM, until Sunday afternoon, but I'll look you up when I get a chance.

Looks like it should be a good meal, just watch the temps on the tri-tip...maybe foil for brase early (160* or so I/T) so she doesn't get too dry...not sure about that cut, seems fairly lean. I don't recall seeing anyone do a pork tri-tip yet, so I'll be looking for the results later.

Have a great, smokey, K/O weekend!

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I'm hoping for the best with the tri-tip, the owner at the local meat market ensured me I'd get what I'm looking for so I'll be sure to keep it moist as possible, probably about every 45 minutes or so for a mist/mop and then probably about 2 hours or so foiled in the cooler with some OJ or apple juice to make sure I get the best flavor!

I'll keep everyone posted! Thanks
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You may want to limit the open lid time as much as possible for the first 2-3 hours or so. I wouldn't do anything until I put the probe in to get started monitoring I/T's, and have you're mop or mist ready before hand to hit it quick and get the lid on again. The smaller smokers can really take some time to recover temps, so the less you have to mess with it the less time you'll be cooking.

Good luck!

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Looks like somebody sample your ribs before you cooked them. tongue.gif
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Looks pretty good...
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Everything looks really good so far. I bet everyone will love the pull and ribs. do you have e good finishing sauce or are you gonna use a bbq sauce ?
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Looks good man, I am sitting here in Italy and since the fight is on at 0400 I will be up all night as usual.

Hoping the BJ Penn gets his mouth shut finally and really don't care who wins the Silva/Griffin fight just want to see a good one.
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I'm torn but I think I'm gonna have the meat out and a side of BBQ for anyone that wants it on their sandwich. I picked Jer-N-Al's Honey Smoke ( we'll see how it works out!

It's not too late to make suggestions though if anyone feels super strong about me being better off with a certain sauce! :)
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Great, enjoy the fights!

In major boxing AND UFC fights, I havent picked a major fight wrong in over 4 years... Even the upsets!

I'm going Anderson Silva by KO in 2 and I'm going to take a leap of faith and say BJ by submission in 4. Wish me luck!
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If you have money on the fights good luck, If not then I hope that you are wrong.
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Pork tri-tip was on for about 3½ hrs, ribs for about 2½ and a surprise guest for my fiance (I'm not a fish fan) I added some salmon that was on for about an hour and was flaking apart like crazy!

Tritip and ribs are foiled in applejuice in the off oven, along with foiled no juice salmon.

Ready to pull (or maybe cut?) pork in about an hour and a half, I'll keep you guys updated!
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I was right!

Silva by KO and BJ by submission in 4, damn I'm good, kept that 4 year streak up! lol

Any everything was AWESOME! Pics below, enjoy!

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Nice call on Silva vs Griffin. I was some what dissappointed to see Griffin go down so quick, I expected a bit more of a battle.

Nice Q. points.gifGlad that Tri tip turned out good.
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Looks like lots of good eating nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job on the smoke, even that fish looked delish....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I agree, I wanted the same result but in about 2 rounds, not in 3 minutes of the 1st!

I was so pumped though because he was just toying with him, he was so much better it was sickening the way he fought with his hands down, etc.
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Hey, Branden...I'm back earlier than I expected.

Looks like you made good of that tri-tip...nice job!

Ribs, fish and sides look to be a hit, too!

Nice plated meal!

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