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Wednesday Ribs and Chicken

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Wednesday turned out to be quite a productive day on the smoker for me. I learned a few things, tried a new rub, and overall, dried out some fine meat.. oh well. Well, dried out according to me. I prefer a wetter rib, but thats ok. Once you peeled back the crust the meat wasn't bad at all.

So here's the qview:

A lovely brine for the chicken. Made entiely with cajun seasoning. Didn't work out as well as expected. Overall salt content was too low. I used 1 cup cajun seasoning to 2 quarts of water. Chicken didn't seem to have the flavor.

Country pork ribs rubbed and ready to go with the chicken.

Temp holding, and light whiffs of smoke.

A bit dry, so I had to eat the evidence...

Overall a good days work.
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Sweet. Nice smoke. Its great when it all comes together.
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Looks like you had a good meal.
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Hey Farmer Chad
Any-day working the smoker is a good day, everything looked pretty good. Anyway I have the same rig (ROES) what’s in the cast iron pan below the element?
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Oh well like fast said a day smoking anything cann't be a bad day. Well maybe if you dried out the meat then it just turns into a learning day. Isn't how we all learned I know thats how I did just go into the corner where nobody a see you and eat the mistake like a man. then do it again just this time better.
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Thanks for the compliments everyone. Sand is in the pan. I find that the unit heats up faster, and recovery time is far better. I also moved the smoke pan down, sitting directly on the element. Trust me, you will get smoke! The heat retention from the sand helps to keep the wood chunks going. Even at low temps. I posted a thread in the electric smoker section, feel free to check it out.
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Its all good-unless its badicon_rolleyes.gif

Thanks for q-view.
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Just have to do it again! At least that's my thinking when it doesn't turn out "perfect". LOL I tend to be my own toughest critic as I'm sure most of us are.
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It's all a learning experience. We've all been there before too, so don't get discouraged.

By the way, those dried pieces you really didn't like are excellent for other dishes. For instance you could cut them into chunks, then add them into a mess of awesome baked beans. How about a vegetable stew...they make great additions to one-pot meals.

Wait till the middle of winter. If you have a ziploc bag of frozen stuff like this it will turn a pot of ordinary beans, chili or soup into something special.
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