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Skinless chicken

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Is it possible to smoke/ BBQ chicken without the skin and not drying it out? Never tried it so all info is welcome. Not so much a health / fat issue just that the best part of the rub and sauce pull off in the first bite.
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If it's not a health related deal, you can rub the chicken and then put a couple strips of bacon around it keep it lubed.

Another method which most people either hate or love is to coat the chicken with Mayo. Mayonase is basically thick oil (egg product) so it keeps the chicken lubed well. I add garlic and onion flake (and whatever else I want to through in there) on mine. Coat it well and cook at about 250-300 until 165 internal.
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I do my chicken every time without skin. Chicken bark FTW. I taste tested skin vs skinless, and skinless brined / bbqed won every time. My chickens were butterflied also, so no breast bone.

I never had issue with dry meat. The breast might get a bit drier, but recently I foiled my chicken at 150, until it hits 165, then rest, and it was a huge hit.

I'm currently getting ready to smoke a turkey skinless, although I may save the skin to use as a "tent" over top of the meat to help keep it moist.

If you do fine you get dry meat, just slice or pull the meat, and toss it with the sauce. The meat will soak up the sauce and re-hydrate. Serve sliced!
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I have never smoked mine without the skin. But like Herky said he does his without skin all the time try it with out and put bacon over it for moisture. Go For It
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what about coating with evoo ...

My wife wants me to smoke her some Chick Breasts skinless I got from Sams... I don't want this to be a failure or she will give up on me...LOL
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Jethro, I smoke skinless breasts quite often & have found a little trick that seems to help them stay moist. After I rub them & smoke them, I shred em and vacuum pack them. Before vacuum packing though I mix in some EVOO & more rub if needed, then vacuum pack & into the fridge for a couple of days. This seems to redistribute the moisture evenly throughout the chicken.
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If you want something totally off the wall, but very tasty, try a cold smoke & sear...I get great results with steaks, chops, chix pieces, etc.

Check this out on boneless/skinless thighs:

One of my latest is a cold smoked/seared & lemon-butter basted chix pieces:

It's all good.

Good smokes!

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