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GOSM 9X9 cake pan mod ..HELP!

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So I was at the local thrift store where I picked up a couple of cake pans. I thought I would try one out to see If I could get a longer smoke time out of them than the stock cast iron box. So I loaded it with chips and covered with foil, then poked about 27 holes with a toothpick. I placed it in the smoker and got the TBS going, soon after it was thick yellow smoke, very nasty. when I opened the smoker the top of the foil turned to flames. What the heck? Can someone school me on how to incorporate the cake pans? I have the small GOSM. Thanks in advance.
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Well I use the same pan. Put the foil on an poke bout 3 er 4 holes with a knife. Do ya use the water pan? Are ya gettin any drippins on the foil? I ain't never had that happen with mine. Only thin I can think of is somethin drippin on it. I use the HD foil to.
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I use a mix of chips and chunks. I use enough chips to get it smoking initially, and to help ignite the chunks. I use a small handful of chips and about 2-3 fist sized chunks.

I do not use foil. On my small GOSM, I use a cheap aluminum grill topper that I bought at Lowes. It has a bunch of 1/4" holes in it. It's used for grilling small items I believe, so they don't fall through the grates.

On my big GOSM, I do not cover the cake pan.

To me, it sounds like you overloaded the pan with chips, it got too hot & caused a flareup.
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No drippins...I do have a water pan, it happened about 5 minutes after I put the pan in the smoker. I guess it could have been overloaded but I thought that was the point of the larger pan???? I will try a couple of different things such as soaking the chips and using bigger chunks, but here in MT the big chunks are hard to find, and if I do find them they are like $8 a bag.
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Do you have the heat on High? That will get it to catch on fire alot quicker too. If you are looking for chunks try your local tree trimming service OR do as I do and get your wood from a sawmill for free.

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I use 9 X 9 cake pan with foil only on temps around 250 and lower. I will only polk 9 tooth pick holes. More often then not I have wood left over. I use like a small chunk maybe 1/2 to 1 inch square sections I can get them pretty much anywhere. Now for temps 250 and up I will foil my cast iron pan and use maybe 9 tooth pick holes. There is a small brief time I get more smoke then I want but it does settle down. Mainly what your trying to do is cut the oxygen level down so it smolders. With that many holes maybe the foil was beginning to burn. I recently used a foil pan for doing a smoke and it burned a hole threw it. Take a moment and try a couple of dry runs so you can make sure it works for you.
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I don't soak chips, and yup the bigger pan was fer more capacity, I thin ya just got to many holes an it's gettin to much air. Try 3 er 4 holes poked with a knife. Chunks er great ifin ya can find em. Get in good with yer local tree trimmer. Feed him some Q an he'll prolly feed ya some tree's!
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I have the same unit and I have never had that happen to me. I too have replaced the chip pan with a larger heavy duty pan (it was for the green egg thingey) and I load it up with chips and chunks and let er rip. It works just fine to me. Oh yea I don't use foil just throw in the chip and chunks. You got me?
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Cast Iron skillet here, it disapates enough heat that there is never a fire only smoke.
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How close to the flame are you guys putting the cake pan on your GOSM's? I have a Big Block.
Can you use the pans that have no stick coating? I was worried if the burnt off fumes might not be healthy. I can seem to find any pans that are not coated and my coffee can is about shot.
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I wouldn't use a coated pan. Got just a cheap one at the store, sits on the factory rack.
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Same thing happened to me the first time. I think I had too many chips. Switched to the coffee can mod and use chunks. No problems since.
Good luck
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I will try this and report back.
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What he said about the heat. Same heat problem can be created by using too many chips at once.
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