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pork loin question

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i'm gettin' ready to smoke a pork loin on staurday and was wondering...

trim fat and silver skin or not?

will it make much difference either way?

any thoughts and/or experience would be greatly appreciated.
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I do not trim the fat or silverskin on pork loins because it is a very lean meat. The fat will render down nicely and the silverskin is not tough (not like the silverskin on a beef tenderloin).
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nice. thanks alot. i'm gonna have to go ahead and rub her tonight. friday, i'm workin' late and as soon as i walk in the door i have to go over to a friends house and help him with his kid. he just had his galbladder removed and our wives or going to a "nail party". hard to pick a kid up with holes in your belly.
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Personally I do trim them, only because I pull at 135-145 so that low of a temp the pork isn't going to dry out on you, but it will turn out perfectly fine if you decide not to trim.
Although if you do ever do a loin with no fat and want to bring it up to a higher temp like 165ish you could always drape with bacon.
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i think i'm gonna try it with it all on fire it up. next time i'll try the bacon. bacon over rub or rubbed too? is 160 a good temp to pull it off with all the bits still intact?
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Personally I pull my pork at 145 or close to it so I have never needed to do the bacon, that was only if you were going to bring it to a higher temp and solely for basting/moisture purposes but if doing that way then I would do rub then bacon, or forget the rub all together and give it a nice sweet brine.
Lots of folks have different opinions on and ways of doing pork but when it comes to loins/chops things like that I prefer the lower temps (145) because it is sure to be moist and juicy. Nothing wrong with bringing her up to 160 though, especially with the fat intact it will still be juicy and tender and ever so good.
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I cook my loins to 150 and let rest for 30 minutes tented with foil. You will never notice the silverskin.
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ok. 150 it is. what temp does the loin get to after rest? 160 is suppose to be the safe temp for pork, correct?

also...i'm gonna start a new thread on saturday to let you guys see what's up.
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