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25 or so pounds of sausage today w/qview

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Well along with the leg of goat and pork butt we are smoking today. We are also grinding up and making 25# of sausage. here are some pics..we made 7# of spicy breakfast sausage, 8# of maple sausage, and about 12# of kielbasa's...first time for me to stuff sausage. first lesson was not to over stuff the casings..had to do them all over again. second I had to big of casing for kielbasas. But we made it through it and hopefully they smoke good. We will see. We definitely had fun giving it a run for it's money today....what size casing do you guys use for kielbasas ????

the stuffer grandpa gave me....70+ years old. I figured it would stuff them for knows a hell of alot more about that then

one of my twin boys helping out with grinding duty

and some pics of the sausage stuffed but not smoked yet and the fresh sausage. pictures taken by the boy.

I will post up pics after the smoke...any advice on blooming I would luv to I said this is my first rodeo for smokin sausage....thanks for lookin and all the knowledge from here. it really helped
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No advice to give since I have yet to make and smoke sausage but it all looks great, and nice you got the youngins in on the fun.
Good luck, keeping an eye on the goat thread but now I can't wait to see your verdict on the sausages.
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Awesome dude-looks great-what time do we eat?
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looks like you're doing good so far - my undertanding of smoking sausage is taht it is done at temps around maybe 80 degrees, no more than a hundred, but wait until you hear a more experienced voice weigh in because i haven't done it. i ahve made fresh sausage and a bologna-type sausage out of deer that was very good, but i've never smoked any.
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I am no expert first of all. I cased my Kielbasa in 1.25 inch hog casing. I smoked it at between 125 and 150 at top shelf temp. That means the bottem shelf of my lang was about 115 degrees. My Kielbasa was cured before being smoked as recommended for all low smoked meats. I gave it 3 hrs of smoke with pecan and pear. This was the first Kielbasa I have done.

It turned out great and yours looks very good also. How did that stuffer work out? I see the old ones from time to time for sale.
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Nice looking sausage...
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Looks great so far GOT14U can't wait to see the final smoked Q-view.

I don't do a lot of kielbasa, but I like the smaller 38-40 mm size.
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Looks okay to me also, I too would like to know how the old enterprise worked.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks good so far. Sure is nice to have helpers with such a big job like sausages.
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Your sausage is looking good. When I do mine, I will put it in for about an hr around 120* to dry the casings. Then I bump it up to 160-180 with smoke till the internal temps reach 152. Good luck. I'm sure it will come out great. Homemade is always better then store bought any day!
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smoker at 130 until casings are dry then increase temp to 160- apply heavy smoke until intenal temp reaches 152. I use hog casings.

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For kielbasa, I would most likely use the same 32/35mm hog casings that I use for brats, Italian, etc... Or, I would use 35/38mm casings if I had them or was going to make enough to justify purchasing a different sized casings just for the kielbasa.

You didn't mention whether or not your kielbasa contained cure or not. If it did, you can smoke it at lower temps (e.g. 100F) for an hour or so to dry the casings, then over the next several hours raise the temps up to the 170-180F range and smoke until the internal temp reaches 152. If you didn't use cure, then you want to smoke at a much higher temp (e.g. 225-250F) and smoke until the internal temp reaches 165.

The reason why you must smoke uncured sausage at higher temps is because of the danger of botulism. In the low oxygen, low temp environment of a smoker, the meat cannot remain in the danger zone temps (40-140F) for extended periods of time without cure (Sodium Nitrite) to combat the dangers of botulism. Smoking at the higher temps, brings the meat/sausage through the danger zone quickly enough that it's not an issue.

Since you said you were also smoking a butt and a goat leg, I assume you are doing the higher temps anyway, but because this is your 1st sausage and no one else gave the warning, I thought I'd better.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThese are the things we need to inform people about.
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Everything looks awesome there GOT14 nice saysage and even got the boy to help thats always a plus. But why did he get the electric grinder and I bet you got ythe manual stuffer. Things thats make you go haaaaa.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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BTW, that is a nice grinder you have and I love the old-school stuffer. They don't make them like that anymore. I used one of those once when I helped a group of people from a church cut up 8 hogs and make sausage out of all of it except the loins and some of the fatback. It went from 16 sides to packaged sausage in about 4.5 hours. They do it once a month about 5 or 6 months of the year.
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Great point Panther. I assumed they were cured.
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Looks great! Nothing like making your own.. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks for all the advice...alittle more info for ya was cured and i also used the butcher-packer smoked polish kielbasa spice block. with additional dry-milk and cure salt...I learned a couple things that will be done diferint next time....first I groound the meat through the fine grinding the stuffing is what i really need to work on. But i also think i will be useing natural next time. third I will use my own spices instead of buying a spice block. just to keep it all mine ! nothing is wrong with the one i got.....I will also crank up the heat on the next batch also...these are pics right after pulling from the smoker...i wish it would have went alittle better...the mes doesn't put out enough smoke at the low temps. next time I will use my smoke daddy. any ways. I soaked in ice water till temps drop below 120...then bloomed for 2 hrs late last night. The way my casing turned out made me a believer in naturals. not what texture i was looking for but over all everything is good...and the family luvs them so that's what matters. not to bad for the first time and shuffling everything else I was doing yesterday.

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