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How much for spare Ribs

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Do you all know what an average price per pound for spare ribs might be?
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1.89 here.
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Usually here they are around $1.99 a pound, they go on sale a lot though and I buy for $.99 a pound.
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$1.79 in this area unless a sale is on.
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i'm VERY lucky to live here in NWA. I have access to the Tyson company store, I get baby back ribs for between $3 and $4 a rack. :-)
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$1.89 a pound fer Smithfields which is the only brand I'll use from round here. Others have been so so ribs at best an the bob evans ribs ain't good enough fer dog food!
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Now there's a good ballpark figure. Stock up and freeze whenever possible.
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$1.29 - $1.89/lb. for un-enhanced fresh pork spare ribs. The more expensive variety comes from a butcher who raises his own pigs.
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On sale up here in the northeast is usually $1.99lb.
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