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Dave, I downloaded it okay the first time. Ran the update then did the full scan. That's when it couldn't remove all the infections. This morning I ran the minimum scan and it didn't find any problems. I'll try later to do the full scan and see what comes up.
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What works best is to run the program or programs you use. Fix and/or quarantine what they can. Shut down the computer, restart, run programs again.

Repeat this process till all the programs you use give you a clean bill of health. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 complete scans to get it all PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif.
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Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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Hey guys & gals! I'm back on at home. Not done with the whole deal yet but getting there!
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I have to disagree with this statement because that's what the kids at Geek Squad or another entry level computer repair store are taught. That's what you're paying them for, the learning experience.

Outside the military, I specialize specifically in home user virus and spyware remediation. What DOES work the best, is booting the computer into safe mode with networking by pressing F8 on your keyboard during the boot sequence, and logging into your account via safe mode THEN running all your installed programs, updating as needed or necessary. The primary reason for this is because most features or functions or services that virus and/or spyware attach themselves to are rendered inert during safe mode (because safe mode ONLY loads essential functions to be able to produce the operating system interface and nothing else) thus they are never able to lock a specific part of the system memory which normally requires a reboot to remove. Repeat the scan and removal process for each user account on the machine as infections can and will cross infect other user accounts.

Take heed when accessing your computer in safe mode as the built in Administrator account is also available from the log in screen. This is the utmost powerful profile that basically can and will access every part of the system without restrictions whatsoever.

Finally, if you're tired of doing it over the phone, you can always use the already built in software for remote assistance and ask a buddy for help. However, it should be noted that if you have home networking (modem, router, computers hooked up wireless) the built in software can't pass through a router. So MS took it one step further and made connection through a router possible by using the remote assistance request that's built in to Windows Live Messenger.

I worked on Irishteabear's computer tonight doing just that via remote, it wasn't bad but we still made it better using steps from my website, tried and true practices. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

FWIW, i've been a part of all the major ISPs and their tier two and three tech supports as well as the black tie guys for a very long time. I know the major software companies and deal directly with them on a regular basis because of what I do now. Most of the infections that come out are being picked up by a combination of Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D and a heavy hitting stand alone antivirus software. If they aren't the major A/V companies like Symantec (Norton for home users) and McAfee are releasing infection specific removal tools (such as McAfee's Stinger).
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