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That's some fine-looking cabrito! I think you hit it just right, but I gotta agree with Rivet - a little EVOO, salt and pepper is alll I ever used. As for those wondering about the taste - best I can communicate it is imagine a nice big fat smoked turkey leg like you get at the fair or carnival, and then add in some of the slightly gamey taste of lamb.

I have always told people that if you're at a BBQ and they have cabrito and know how to cook it, you won't eat any other meats once you have tasted it!

I don't know about other stores, but the Restaurant Depot in San Antonio sells whole dressed-out goats!
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OK you guys win I laid out a leg of goat to go into the smoker tomorrow,,, Hope you are happy!!!

By the way goat looks great!!
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Good eats my brother...Get at it....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Goat is pretty good if anyone wants to give it a shot. I am not big on it but I had butchered the goat the day before..I needed to get over that smell in my nose for a couple days before eating it..I think it's because we made pancita as well. Any time you get in to the stomach it leaves a nasty taste in my my for quit some time...But it is a mexican delicacy and the wife and family loved it...As for how much the leg weighed I don't really know. The whole goat was around 70lbs if that helps at all.
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That's a nice hunk of meat there!!! Nice job on this!
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Yeah, I definitely think it's because of the pancita! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Oh gawd, if there is anything on this planet that truly gets my gag reflex pumping is the smell of pancita in my nose. It is the only food that has sent me up off the table into the bathroom to throw up. Not the food itself, but that vile up-your-sinus-smell.

Goat is nothing like that and my experience tells me that probably was the reason, especially if you don't like pancita.

I think you are really going to enjoy this, Rio. Give it a good shot with tortillas, salsa, fresh guacamole and chopped cilantro to sprinkle over~ no better feast!
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question on pulling

This looks and sounds great. Love the idea of serving it up with tortillas and all the fixings.
Rivet you mentioned taking it to 150 then finishing on the grill. Any tips beyond that for pulling it? Will it pull like a butt or should I expect something different?
This has really got me thinking I need winter gone!
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Looks great!!! i've got 3 out in the barn now i know what to do with them if the keep getting out!!!!!!!!! LOL
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real smoke and q dudes smoke all year long....PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

get a goat and make a sacrifice to the one true god...
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If you want to pull it, after it gets a nice color from the grill, your gonna have to bring it up to near 200. I foile mine after about 165 or so and then keep it off the direct heat, or you can finish it in the oven. It pulls real nice and I'm starting to prefer it that way for tacos and burritos.
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Thanks Rivet!

I just got contact for a goat guy in the area today. Will try this as soon as I can get some meat.

lol Larry, I agree, the warmer weather was so I would have company and not be out there alone trying to eat a whole leg o goat! Smoking this time of year saves a bunch on ice in the Makers!

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