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Leg of boer goat smoke & question

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Ok I pulled out the hind quarter of Boer goat I was saving to smoke or grind. Well I am going to smoke it later today. I plan on using a greek rub and maybe a little cayenne. Then stuff some garlic cloves in the leg. then smoke with some hickory. My question is what temps should I pull it at..I am really up in the air on the whole thing. My wife doesn't like rare so that is out. I have also thought of finishing it off on the grill at the end....I really am open to any ideas for this. I know it is short notice but we will see if anyone can give me some ideas before i finish later this afternoon. Another thing is I have thought about pulling it and making taquitos with it. we love mexican food. any ways here is a pic of what i got
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I don't have any input on how to cook it as I've never done one. But just wanted to comment on what a fine looking hunk 'o meat that is. Good luck with this one!
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I've never smoked on, I always grill it over mesquite. Check out the forums, you can find 2 of my threads on goat (cabrito).

I would recommend that if you smoke it, take it to 150 or so and then grill it to finish it off. Grilling will give the exterior that nice crunch.

In my opinion, goat needs nothing more than salt and pepper. Never used anything else. Reason is, I think it tastes so dang good no need to add anything to interfere with the barbecued flavor.

Just slice it or chop it or pull it and serve it with hot corn tortillas, salsa, guacample and icey beer, and you'll be set for a feast.

Good luck on whatever method you decide to go with, and don't forget the Q-View!
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thanks rivet...that is probably what I will do...(finish it on the grill). I also like that crunch. I will let you know how it works with the smoker. I will be using hickory tho. And I will just stick with the greek seasoning and garlic stuffed in some slits. I don't think the cayenne will go good with the seasoning. we shall see. If this works good I am going to buy a couple goats from my aunt and start raising them. I will probably be able to do a trade for processing...icon_smile.gif

and "dude abides" I am so jealous i didn't think of that avatar...some day I will have to steal it from you...lol
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When it comes to goat Rivet won't stear you wrong, only thing I would do differently is after cooking not shred or chop or anything, just pick that big sob up and eat it caveman style, bare hands and in a loin cloth biggrin.gif
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well I think I'll go back a little farther yet and just eat it buck naked in a tree or a cave...lolhere are some pics of it rubbed, dressed, and stuffed with garlic. I will definitely keep this up dated and let y know if the smoking thing works well with this.

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Looks great so far...now you got me hungry!
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Do what rivet says when your smoking goat he's "the goat man" or he's the only one that has smoked goat. But he's still the man
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here is a pic of it at 140...gonna pull it and crisp up on the grill.
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that's lookin' REAL good! (bad grammar due to eyes popping out of head and slobber all over keyboard).

only thing i would suggest is, keeping with the "greek" theme, serve it on pitas!
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that is an awesome piece of meat. Only ever had it once before.
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thanks everyone for the input and checkin this out...I like that idea witko....thanks
finished pics...it was great...smoked till just over 140 then on to the grill for about30 minutes...high heat at first then slow after it crisped up.

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Well I don't know how it tasted but it sure looks delicious!
Another fine smoke, great work points.gif
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You have definitely proven yourself as a master of Cabrito~ that's some beautiful goat you've smoked. So tasty and tender loking I had to call Mrs Rivet over to check out your pics. She loved it!

Hope you got some plated pics 'cause there's some drooling, hungry folks that haven't gotten enough of your Q-View. Congratulations on your smoke and well-earned points to you!

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thanks guys it really was a hit sent most of it over to my aunts and uncles so they can try it. they have never had goat but they breed them....I think they will be selling a couple less from now on...and thanks for the points !!!!!
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It looks good... but I have never eaten goat so as for taste ????
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If you like gamey flavor such as venison or lamb, you will really like goat. If those flavors are too strong for you, don't bother because goat has a unique and strong meaty taste that folks either love or hate. Never heard of a middle ground opinion.
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what he said
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Beside Rivet -this is only second time or so i have seen goat cooked.

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HOW MUCH DID THAT LEG O GOAT WEIGH?????icon_question.gif
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