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Smoked Kobe Beef

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Every now & again I am able to get my hands on kobe beef for a bargin.

I thought I would try and smoke a few lbs of this fine piece of meat. I used my Weber Kettle with the Smokenator with hickory and Stubbs Charcoal.

I smoked them to 135' (medium - rare) as I did not want to ruin this meat and make it tough. I only used salt & pepper and little garlic salt before they went into the smoker.

I let the steak sit for about 20 minutes before I sliced thin.
I finished them with some japenese finishing sauce I picked up at a local street fair.

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looks goodPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The marble on that steak looks amazing. I've tried the kobe ground, but just can't get myself to spend $40 on a single steak.
My mouth is watering just looking at the uncooked steak.
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Is it actually true Kobe or California Kobe?
If the imported then you must be getting a good deal if buying a few pounds of it.
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No - it is authentic Wagyu Beef from Kobe, Japan. The meat usually sells for about $300 per pound just to give you an idea on how special it is. That doesnt include the shipping fee.

Some Kobe Tidbits -

Its only called Kobe Beef because its shipped from Kobe, Japan. The Wagyu term comes from the type of cattle - and yes they get massaged everyday. Japanese Theory - Happy Relaxed Cow Make Good Beef ( Maybe we should try that with the Pig)

I was stupid for trying this method but the results were good. Kobe Beef does not like heat (reason I through this would be worth a try) - it needs to seared on the outside and raw in the middle. Cooking on a gas bbq will only make the meat tough. Cast Iron is this meats best friend as it does a great job searing. If you overcook it all that beautiful marbilization will just melt out of the steak leaving a really $$$$ piece of tough london broil.
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Wow, that is an awesome looking piece of meat...Nice...
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that's when a big green egg or a japanese kumodo would be perfect...awsome meat
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to rich for my college blood. It may be good but i honestly cant feel it is worth 300 a lb.
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Too rich for my blood. But I'm glad somebody can say they've done it. And thanks to you, I can now say "Yeah, I've heard of somebody smoking Kobe beef."

Thanks man.
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That is some good looking beef there with all that marbling. Well worth the money I'm sure. Everyone here cann't quite afford it but Obama can have it served for 50 people on our tab.
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