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Bacon patty melt

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We had some left over hamburger from my nieces b-day party this past weekend, so, for dinner tonight I used some left overs to make a bacon patty melt fatty (bacon, ham, cheese, peppers, garlic and burger)
I can never seem to get any "as built" pictures, but you all know how they're made...anyways...

I had a bit too much hamburger, so I smoked a couple of those as well. When I was putting cheese on them, I put the left over cheese on top of my fatty.

I think it looks good enough too eat. icon_cool.gif

Here's a couple pics of my smokin' buddies...

Ginni, Blondie and Mocha

I don't think they'll be much help on an all nighter. icon_smile.gif
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... and you got my mouth watering.
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Gonna sample it right now. :)
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Patty melt looks awesome.YUM!! You're smokin buddies look great too.
Mine are all too willing to help me take stuff out of the smoker!
From left to right Buddy,Cinnamon,& Piggy!
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Yep...pretty good, better have some know, just to be sure.

I went light on the filling...1 tobasco pepper, 5 cloves of garlic, 9 squares of mozzarella, 4 thin slices of ham. I didn't want the filling to be too overpowering. *the boss just stormed through the kitchen on her way to walk with a friend, she gave it a thumbs up*

Yep, pretty good the second time around too. icon_cool.gif
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Funny how that works out isn't it. tongue.gif
ahhhicon_redface.gif cute pups. Piggy and Blondie could be sisters.
*edit wrong pic
*edit right pic
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Wow you're right. Buddy and piggy are brother and sister.
Cinnamon is Piggys pup! All three are wonderful...except Cinnamon is a stubborn barker.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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Looks like it sure came out great.
Nice work, wish I had a slice of that right about now PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking dang good from here.icon_smile.gif
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Buddy looks awfully serious in that pic. Are they lab/golden mixes? Mocha and Ginni will bark outside when people or critters are around, but not too much. Once they get barking, we bring them inside (for the sake/sanity of our neighbors).

I'd share, but Jersey's a bit far. biggrin.gif

Thanks, it was pretty good.

I found that hamburger is harder to keep together than sausage, at least this time it was. I didn't have enough bacon to do a proper weave, so maybe it was just more noticeable.
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Nice! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif It looks delicious. Think my kids would like that, except for the pepper.
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Ol' Richtee gave me a pro-tip when using ground beef for fatties...sometimes I gotta have something besides pork!

For every 1 lb of ground beef you are using, mix in a small packet of regular gelatin can't taste it and it will help hold the meat together. Gotta mix it thoroughly, but then you should notice it holds together better.
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I just threw the pepper in there because we have several. We've not had enough tomatoes to make a big batch of salsa and marinade, so I'm using them up whenever I get the chance. It added a nice bit of spice too it. biggrin.gif

Good tip. I'll try that next time I cook a hamburger fatty. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I have found that a large egg per 2 lbs of hamburger gives it the right "stick-together-ness" like sausage has. I use it in making patties too. You can't taste it but it really helps.

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Definelly a nice job thats a good lookin Fattie
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