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Royal Oaks Charcoal

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This is the only section that sort of matches the question I have.
What is your opinion of royal oak charcoal? I have looked all over the bag and it don't say for sure that it is made of hardwood. I ain't able to find them on the net. I read somewhere that it IS made of hardwood
and a starch binder but I can't find it again.. Thanx, Hemi..
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i haven't used the briquettes, but i ahve used their lump in a green bag and it is great. i did find a little foreign material once (a chunk of concrete???) but in spite of that, the smells and flavor are great.

i ahve read that the briquettes are on about the same level as kingford. since i like kingsford, i wouldn't have any trouble trying royal oak briqs, but they are not in my area.
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I use RO Lump from time to time in my grill or as a starter assist in my stick burner. Good Stuff. Quality.
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It is about the cheapest in price around here if U are after the large bags
18 pounds I think.. I remember reading that it was all hardwood scraps
in a forum somewhere but don't remember where. wern't here I am sure.
Thanx, Hemi..
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From what I gather (having not yet got through my supply of Good One lump), is that there are a few 'breeds' of RO lump. I've been told to avoid the ones made outside the USA. The one made here in the US is great - long burn time, not too ashy, and good value, especially as you can often find it at Wal-Mart.

Hope this helps..
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I think you're talking about RO briquettes seeing you mention an 18lb bag. That stuff is crap imo, I would take Kingsford any day over that stuff. I doesn't burn all that hot or long and produces a TON of ash. I use their lump and like it just fine.
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