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Alder wood from Desertlites

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Got a package yesterday afternoon from Desertlites out there in Arizona. He graciously offered leftover Alder wood trim he can get by the bucketful in exchange for postage.

I took him up on the offer and got a real nice box weighing a good 4 LBS of various sized trim pieces about 12 inches long. Perfect stuff for getting a real tasty smoke to your food. If you haven't tried Alder, you should. If you are into smoking salt, it's great on that. I have a shaker full of alder-smoked salt I bought and it's fantastic.

Thanks a bunch, DESERTLITES, I appreciate your offer and will return the favor. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hey there ... Is this offer open to anyone? Perhaps an exchange along with the postage???icon_mrgreen.gif Mark
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Long as Desertlites has an ample supply I would assume you could get a box.
I would send a message and see what is doing.
Never used alder but had always heard it is a great wood for seafood, nicely trimmed cuts.
A wood exchange would be a nice thing since so many areas are not able to get more than the basic hickory and mesquite.
I recently was lucky enough to come across an orchard that sells cherry, apple, peach and oak for $6 for, well I don't know how much it is but a big 'ol box of it.
Going there tomorrow to grab some peach since I have never used it and am interested in the flavor.
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and yes as all know nothing is free in these ecomomic times-the wood is free but I just ask a little somthing for packageing, tape and gas to the post office-like rivet- a bottle of sauce or somthing-pm me and lets talk.I have sent members things before and never heard back from them( u know who u are) I don't like that kinda people -so if your that way please don't ask-I, like the rest of folk in these times- just getting by-and being friendly kinda makes me feel a little better in these tough times.
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desert - do you have my current address? i have a feeling i might have given you my old one!

if the zipcode i gave you should be 59523. if it is 59501, let me know and i will get you the correct address!

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