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I think I'm in love

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Her name is Rosie. (AC/DC fans will get it.)
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Seasoned on Sunday.
Made a butt, basic fatties and beans yesterday (Qview to follow), she cooks like a dream.
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The sweetest words a man can hear.
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well cool I'm glad you had a good smoke with your new friend. Now lets talk about the Q part thats missing. Us here like this thing called Qview it's pictures and we like to see what you cooked and tell you how good it is and how we would like to be htere eating with you. If you don't have that feeling yet don't worry you will it's coming. Never mind I see you are going to send it.
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Nice stacks! Cool build. Way to go!
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That's a whole lotta rosie!!!
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Nice smoker, nice name. Love AC/DC!
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42 - 39 -56
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I had the great pleasure of taking my 16 y.o. daughter to see AC/DC in concert in Phoenix last winter. As the commercial says.........PRICELESS!!!
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Nice! I did the same for my daughters 19th Bday. We went to see Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Ted Nugent and ZZ Topp. It was a blast.
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You can see she's got it all!
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