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Weekends Smoke with Qview

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This weekend started like most for the last few months what are we gonna smoke ? Maybe some buckboard bacon maybe some ABT's How about a big butt and maybe a slab of spare ribs. Sure I just happen to have them out and thawed. So here we go again !

Here's the abt's stuffed with cream cheese with onions, garlic, and alittle bacon pieces and the bacon 2 weeks curing in the frig and ready for the smoker. Sorry thats all the pics of these two but they were enjoyed and the bacon will be around for a little while but it tasted really really good Thanks Jerry.

Now onwarded to the 8.5 butt rubbed with some butt rub and a mixture of paprika, gralic, cayenne pepper, and mustard powder.

The ribs got a differant treatment rubbed with old bay rub (no it's not the the crab seasoning) and Jamacian jerk (the real stuff from Boston Bay) land of the hottest jerk in the country but anyway we are rub and ready for the frig.

The butt is at about 140 and the ribs are just about to be foiled at the 3 hour mark

The butts at 165 and to the foil with you and back in the smoker.

The ribs are out and ready for mass consumtion I did up some of my Homemade BBq sauce a real hit with the kids for the last hour.

After a couple of hours in the cooler the butt is ready for the pulling and the pulling it got. Look at there hands like a flying turkey zoom zoom.

Pilled and ready to go Honey grab the bunns we's a eaten now.

So there it is another fine weekend with a good smoke some Good Eats and alot of great fun. Well thanks for looking and I hope you have something good to eat.
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thats ALOT of great lookin grubPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Awesome Balli, nice feast. points.gif
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Nice job, Mark! Everything looks delicious.
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All looks fantastic! The pork has nice smoke ring and looks very moist. Yummmmm.
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Nice.Be proud of that meal.
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Mmmm Mmm. Love it!
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You got me with the ribs man!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThanks for the q-view too.
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good lookin Q, thanks for the pics, I got to figure out what to smoke for my up coming weekend...
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