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Smoked Blue Crab w/ QVIEW

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Well - I thought I would take a chance and to smoke some crab.

I went out and caught about 2 dozen blue claw crabs out in the Great South Bay on Long Island.

I cleaned the crab and got as much meat out as possible from the claws, back, etc.

I smoked them in a aluimnum tray with apple wood in my Weber Kettle. I didnt take the temperture of the crab as I have steamed crab countless times and the meat turns white when it comes out of the shell.

It was a unique flavor, very sweet.

I used some old bay seasoning, pepper, and a some chipolte that I had dried out and ground up.

Sorry for the poor quality on the pic - was a camera phone
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Love Crab, but have never had it smoked. Any pointers for someone who has never smoked it before? It sure looks GOOD.
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Looks good to me PlaneGuy. I cant get enough crab. How did you eat it? With butter?
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My brother-in-law always wants me to smoke crabs after he has gone out and caught them but I had always heard you needed to steam the crabs like normal then smoke them for 15-20 minutes for the smoke flavor.
Thanks for sharing, now I know it can be done.
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I thought about steaming them and them putting them on the smoker but I wanted to wanted to try it this way. I did have a water pan under the food grate and I ran the temp alot higher than would do for low & slow.

If it was under cooked it didnt taste like it. I never have had a problem with eating any seafood raw before so I took the chance.
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I love blue crab! Sometimes I wish I lived close to the big water so I could get 'em fresh/live...then the stormy weather along the coasts makes me think otherwise...oh well.

Nice to see 'em smoked, though...that sounds and looks great!


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Nice plane me some crab,,,
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very nice-looking stuff - points!
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