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First time fattie

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My first try was messy but it's all gone. Used a pound of ground turkey and one pound of ground chicken. Mixed in two eggs and some bread crumbs to hold it together. Stuffed with shredded cheese, mushrooms and rotel.

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Looks tasty!! Might have put a little too much in it though.
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I agree. Probably to much in it. I also think I cut it to soon, should have let it rest some before cutting it.
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May have been messy but since it's all gone then it must have been good.
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Nice! The true test of the success of a smoke is in the amount of leftovers. smile.gif
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I'm with all above to much stuffing. But like everyone says it's all gone sometimes you just have to eat your mistakes isn't that how we all learned to cook I did.
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Hmmmmm, looks like yer fattie runeth over....LOL
It looks great and bet it tasted even better!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It looks really good & tasty.

Just remember practice makes perfect, however in our addiction it also makes us fatties. (No Pun Intended) LOL
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