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Before You Post a Thread... Yes I'm Guilty Too

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I found this and thought that it may be interesting for new and old members here. I for one am guilty of doing this before I post a thread...

Maybe someone aught to sticky this...
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I usually post before I check .. I thought it was just due to ignorance but after MUCH deliberation I have come to realize that I was right..PDT_Armataz_01_06.gifHemi.
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well I unerstand but it is fun to see the new folk post their butts and briskets and ribs although they have been posted since cavemen walked the oh oh, dang! I am a caveman. LOL

And besides it lets us watch and see their progression in the hobby and from time to time offer a suggestion or two.

We also offer a pat on the back for that progress though the OTBS wear fellow smokers can see and say job well done. It may be redundant but how else are we to offer encouragement?

All that said your point is well taken that sometimes we post things that are beaten to death already. But even then some of us have a voyere attitude toward BBQ and the low and slow! OK I am getting excited now so I have to stop. LOL
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The thing never loaded.
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Yep! And I post everything I do for the first time, and then again if I make some changes to the first method/recipe that effects the outcome of the product. We all seem to do things a bit different than the next guy/gal.

Informative threads are the only way to share our successful smokes or bloopers with others here, and that's how we can all learn from each other and get new ideas for our next perspective smokes.

I've gotten alot of info from folks here who have posted some little tidbit that's different from someone else's method...and lot's of totally new stuff as well.

Good smokes to all!

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Well said, Rick.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

After all, we're here to help. Granted you want to encourage new users to do a little research first but unfortunately the Search function on vBulletin sites (not just this one) is a piece of . . . well, let's just say it is not optimal.biggrin.gif

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I agree with Rick, if everyone posted to the same thread it would take you a month just to read all of the posts or you would only be able to comment on the last few.

Although each new, lets say Brisket post is on Brisket, Each poster has something different to offer so it is not like a "one size fits all" situation.
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bingo, thats how i feel and enjoy looking at all the q-view, they all have something to bring to the table.
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Same thinking here as Rick. I enjoy looking at all posts and seeing all the different approaches people take. I know we all enjoy posting pics of our smokes, wether it's the same old brisket, butt, etc...I like forward to the new posts. Feedback is great here and I know I like seeing the responses on the various smokes. Sometimes the search doesn't give you all the answers you need and someone has a better idea. Happy smokes...
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Well said Shooter. The Q-view is just plain killer here. Keep it coming!!!!!
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If you smoke something and have the time, make a thread on it. Learning can only happen if we all communicate. There are new members to SMF joining everyday, what might seem obvious to some, may be a key point in turning a new smokers plans into a success rather than a failure. Failure detours future smokes, our goul here is to have everyone smoking, right? Smoke On !!!
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