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1st pork loin

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OK, trying a pork loin today.
I coated it in olive oil, added spices, then a thick coating of mustard. Love how it makes pork ribs taste so thought I'd try it on this. Got the smoker warming up, going to shoot for 225-250 max if I can. It's in the fridge waiting.

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Interesting note: In this hot weather, 28 kingsford briquettes get me to 260 degrees when their pure white.
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OK it's on at 12:40pm. Smoker settled into a nice 240 degrees.
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Real nice.Doing stuffed peppers from garden tonight, but i did make the spicy,hot italian sausage...

will check this out later......Good Luck

What internal are you shooting for...Easy to dry them out
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Let us see the finals please! We love pics of Q!
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I'm with Rick .... Looking forward to more pics.... but looks good so far.

Was planning on pizza on the grill with the kids tonight....have the sauce made and cooling and the dough rising on the counter.... but the kids all bailed and are spending the night with friends tonight....

Looks like it's gonna be just Mama and me..... Oh Darn! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looking real good Ron! Don't keep us hangin'.............
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Hey dudes, it's a cook'en, been getting a nice 225-240 temps, I'll take a pic and show ya the progress. :)

I'm going for 160-170, erring on the side of being a chicken of less cooked pork lol I know, I know... it's a mental thing!
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Ok, here the skinny, temp now 150 ( I can hear you all yelling 'pull it pull it' lol
I just slathered it with another dose of mustard after taking this pic and flipped it for the first time.

So far, this has been the most 'by the book' smoke I've done. Never had any super forest fire smokeouts, just gentle smoke. Temps have been around 225 most of the time. once it hit 300 but I opened it up, let out the heat, adjusted and back to the good zone. I'm going to foil it and put it in a cooler even. Never have done that before.
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Lookin good!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifI wouldn't go past 160 if yer gonna foil it and might even spritz a little apple juice in there to for added moisture...just my thoughts...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Ok cool thanks. :) I have no applejuice! :(

Edit on the temps here!
I checked it again, poked in a new spot got 150... ok were getting hungry. so I cut the thing in half since it was like a long loaf shape. Then I checked the temp right in the middle of the freshly cut area, 133!

Man almost 6 hours, this thing is cooking SLOW!
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Sheesh! Temp at 138.. tick tock tick tock.

I think the pig's name was Atbestos!
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OK it's in the cooler, wow, should have started at 8:40 not 10:40am.

I'll post pics when it's out as I'm slicing it, this dang thing better be good! biggrin.gif
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It turned out really good, here's the final pic

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Looks great Ron!
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Looks good and yummy.
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Nice ron. Send me some slices for some sammies...
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You had me worried for a moment...

Nice job ronPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks guys! Just noticed your comments, it was good, having the other 1/2 tonight for dinner :)
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Congrats Ron. Nice looking loin.

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